Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa


 2022 Annual Report

 Working with the amaZioni, we are together becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ, serving Him as He grows His kingdom in Southern Africa.

ZEMA Board Report  – Chairperson, Kathy McIlhany

On behalf of ZEMA and the Board of Directors, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the prayers and financial support each of you has provided consistently, some of you for many years. Your gifts and prayers make a significant impact on the lives of the missionaries and the amaZioni people as we grow together, becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ, serving Him as He grows His kingdom in Southern Africa. Your donations and prayers help ZEMA provide Biblical training through ZEBS (Zion Evangelical Bible Schools), Sunday School teacher training, along with ministry to young adults and the community at large through radio ministry and so much more! We are grateful for your support. Please continue to lift up all of the ministries of ZEMA in your prayers. For more information on all that is happening with ZEMA, be sure to regularly visit our website, ZEMA.org! Thank you again for your generosity.

ZEMA Field Director Report  – Field Director, Paul Seelhammer

God is working in and through many transitions and open doors.  Through the mentorship of Greg Seghers, I continue the transition as the new field director. I am blessed to be a part of the ZEMA family that continually amazes me with their love, dedication, perseverance, and desire to love and serve the amaZioni churches.  In 2023 there are widening and new doors opening for ZEMA to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ to bring forth salvation, regeneration, and sanctification, as the Spirit of our LORD brings lasting and eternal transformation.  We continually hear a cry for Bible teaching, which are the fresh wind and fresh fire of the Holy Spirit moving in and through the ministry of ZEMA. The harvest we have been waiting for, as in Luke 10:2, is happening today.  Revelation 22:20 says, “He who testifies to these things says, ‘Yes, I am coming soon.’ Amen. Come, Lord Jesus”.

ZEMA Statistics  & Active Links


  • 3 Home Office Workers
  • 10 Board Members

ZEMA Field Workers

  • 13 ZEMA Missionary Families
  • 5 Partner Missionary Families (TEAM, DMG,SIM)
  • Missionary annual report links at the end of this report.

ZEMA National Partners

67 Individuals Including

ZEMA Published Information

ZEMA Partner Organizations

  • TEAM – Wheaton, Illinois
  • SIM – Umhlanga, South Africa
  • DMG – Sinsheim, Germany

ZEMA Home Office Report  Home Office Directors –Greg & Carlene Seghers

We trust God is leading and is providing an expanding ZEMA network in the USA. Moody Bible Institute gave Greg and Carlene multiple opportunities to teach intercultural studies classes this year. One MBI student, Isaac Durant, is interning with ZEMA this summer.

We have developed ‘Crossing Cultures with Friends of ZEMA’ (CCFZ), a tool to connect, in real-time, people in the USA with Southern African nationals.  So far, we have organized six CCFZ via video technology. The Zion Leader participants are national pastors eager to share their lives and ministries with ZEMA friends in the USA.

We have traveled and will continue to visit potential and new supporting churches, schools, and individuals. Let us know how you, in the USA, would like to be involved in ZEMA’s ministry to the amaZioni! Pray for relationships and efforts to grow ZEMA’s network, and pray for our missionaries and partners in Southern Africa.

ZEMA Financial Summary – Treasurer, Dan Capp

In 2022, ZEMA received 5.4% more contributions then in 2021.
Total contributions for 2022 were $760,013.21.
 Year-End Expenses Summary:
ZEMA expenses in 2022 were $714,283.31.  Expenses in 2022 were up 4.7% from 2021.
Expenses were broken down as follows.

Year End Financial Position Summary.

ZEMA in Checking had $152,857.  In Investments ZEMA had $376,923.

Student Testimonies

Khulani Nhleko

 Khulani Nhleko and his wife, Senzile, are currently amaZioni leaders studying at the Union Bible Institute. Khulani, a ZEBS graduate, testifies that though he was active in church, preached regularly, and was the son of the archbishop; he did not know Christ.  Studying at ZEBS, “It was then that I became not only the child of the bishop but also a child of God.” ZEBS was the means God used to disciple him.

Kgomotso Emmanuel Moloko (KG)

KG met and was discipled by ZEMA partner missionary Kit Tischler of TEAM while studying at the University of Johannesburg.  Following his graduation, KG expressed a desire to further his Bible education to better serve his local Zion congregation. ZEMA and KG’s local congregation sponsored three years of Bible study at Union Bible Institute, from which KG graduated in 2022.

Today, KG leads a weekly Bible study and serves his local amaZioni congregation in Soweto, where he is a youth leader and Sunday school teacher.

ZEMA Board of Directors 2022

Paul Bradley
Dan Capp
Mike Gibbs
Todd Harder
Geff Lee

Kathy McIlhany
Barry Norris
Kevin Pinter
Lew Richards
Brad Schreiner

ZEMA Missionary Annual Reports

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