Throughout 2022, God continued to faithfully bless the ministry and our family. It is always a privilege to see how God uses the teaching and preaching of His word in the process of bringing people to the knowledge of the truth. It is our desire that God will raise up strong leaders and churches among the amaZioni so that those who will be converted in their communities will have a church family to grow and thrive in regarding their Christian walk.

The ZEBS in East London, Eastern Cape continued to be a place for discipleship training. Working alongside two African pastors, Pieter Mabena and Sizwe Mayikana is a tremendous blessing for me (Jon). As colleagues called by God to this work, we strive to keep learning and teaching the Bible. A highlight of the class for this past year was seeing the diligence of certain students regarding their attendance, homework, and class discussions. It is very encouraging to see from the homework and the discussions that there is a sincere desire to learn the teachings of the Bible on behalf of the students of this class.

2022 was a very significant year for the MTC distance learning site in East London. Working alongside the same African pastors from the ZEBS East class and utilizing the same class venue as well, the MTC distance site was a continual place of much Christian spiritual growth. Being able to grade homework, tests, and exams, as well as observing the level of maturity displayed during times of discussions, continued to encourage me that this is a wonderful opportunity for the discipleship process. Seeing 5 of the students complete their accredited diploma studies this year was a tremendous highlight. All the needed paperwork for those students has been sent to the college. The four remaining students will continue with the accredited higher certificate program.

Another part of this ministry has been seeking to offer Biblical resources such as The Zion Banner and other church leader teaching material. By God’s grace this has also been useful in steps being taken regarding the practical application of Christ-centered, Biblical teachings. For example, I had the wonderful opportunity of being asked to help with a baptism service held in King William’s Town.

Furthermore, the Lord has really blessed Lauren and I and our children, Liesl, Evelyn and Ethan this past year. Liesl completed grade 5 and Evelyn grade 3. Ethan completed his first year of school (pre-school) as well. Attending church together on Sundays has been a much-appreciated blessing for us as a family.