People can’t talk about ZEMA without talking about “Zion Evangelical Bible Schools” and “Zion Bible Colleges.” ZEBS and ZBC are a big part of what we do.

Beginning in 1995 in South Africa and 2004 in Swaziland, ZEBS and ZBC are essential to our mission.

As missionaries, we want to “put ourselves out of a job.” We’d like to see local leaders rise up and become the next generation of teachers and spiritual leaders. ZEBS and ZBC are key to achieving this. Through ZEBS and ZBC, Zionists have the opportunity to learn God’s Word, grow in their relationship with Him, connect with one another, and see their local congregations as part of the body of Christ.

These schools train up pastors and leaders enmeshed in their culture to preserve and spread Biblical truth.

Topics of Study

  • Old Testament and New Testament Survey
  • Preaching and Pastoral Ministry
  • Principles of Church Administration
  • Systematic Theology
  • Missions, Evangelism, and Ministry
  • Exegesis and Hermeneutics
  • Religious Literacy: World Religions
  • Biblical Studies Chronological
  • Sunday School Essentials
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness And Prevention


There are 87 Bible schools in Southern Africa with 2,400 students in total. Through the continued growth of these schools, we hope to see the fulfillment of ZEMA’s central mission: to know God and make Him known among the Zionists.