Zion Bible Schools | ZEBS | ZBC

People can’t talk about ZEMA without talking about ZEBS and ZBC. The Bible School Ministry is a big part of ZEMA’s work.

The History of ZEBS and ZBC

Recognizing that most Zionist churches mix African Traditional Religion with Christian practices, “Zion Evangelical Bible Schools” began at Umtata, South Africa, in 1995. Expanding beyond South Africa’s borders, the ZEBS ministry birthed Swaziland’s “Zion Bible Colleges” in 2004.

The Purpose

ZEBS and ZBC schools train up, disciple, and partner with national pastors and leaders as together we study the Word of God. These Zion Bible schools are essential to our mission to provide Biblical training and discipleship to amaZioni. ZEMA’s focus is to partner with African nationals, assist and support the next generation of teachers and spiritual leaders, and allow Africans themselves to examine their lives and practices as they study God’s Word and discern Biblical Truth.

The Opportunity

Through ZEBS and ZBC, Zionists have the opportunity to learn God’s Word, grow in their relationship with Him, connect with other Zionists, and see their local congregations grow as a meaningful part of the Body of Christ. We in ZEMA are privileged to witness the Spirit of God use the Word of God to impact lives. We aim to partner with amaZioni in culturally relevant ways and consistent with the Bible’s teachings. ZEMA partners have an open door to partner with many Zionist leaders. Our common ground is a desire to know God and study His Word.
There are 87 Bible schools in Southern Africa with 2,400 students in total. The success of these schools demonstrate ZEMA accomplishing its purpose: together with the Zionists, we are becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ, serving Him as He grows His kingdom in Southern Africa.

Together. Maturing. Serving. Growing. 

Find more information on our Bible Schools at  https://zemasa.co.za/bible-schools/

The course consists of over 400 Bible lessons covering topics such as

  • Old Testament and New Testament Survey
  • Preaching and Pastoral Ministry
  • Principles of Church Administration
  • Systematic Theology
  • Missions, Evangelism, and Ministry
  • Exegesis and Hermeneutics
  • Religious Literacy: World Religions
  • Biblical Studies Chronological
  • Sunday School Essentials
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness And Prevention


There are 89 Bible schools in Southern Africa with +2,400 students in total.

Through the continued growth of these schools, we indent that working with the amaZioni, we are together becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ, serving Him as He grows his Kingdom in Southern Africa.