ZEMA missionaries have an open door among the millions of Zionists organized into tens of thousands of local churches throughout southern Africa. These churches are mostly syncretistic, combining Christian teaching with traditional African religious beliefs. Numerous new missionary couples are needed to attempt to meet the current need and demand for evangelism, discipleship, and teaching ministries among these churches.


  1. Leading and teaching at local, non-residential Bible colleges
  2. Bible teaching and preaching at local churches
  3. Bible teaching in local classes
  4. Leadership training
  5. Discipleship
  6. Evangelism
  7. Literature and Bible distribution
  8. Ministry to pastors
  9. Men’s ministry
  10. Women’s ministry
  11. Youth ministry
  12. Children’s ministry
  13. Support ministries to local churches


  1. A deep love for God and a close personal walk with Him
  2. A real sense of God’s call to this ministry
  3. A confirmation of giftedness for ministry by a local church
  4. An undergraduate degree with a minimum of 30 hours of Biblical studies
  5. Good physical health
  6. Be a self-motivated self-starter
  7. Some experience in ministry in a local congregation
  8. ZEMA is a faith based organization. All applicants will be asked to raise their personal and ministry costs to support the work God has called them to be a part of.