Greetings from a very warm Cape Town, though somehow this will fail to generate much sympathy from all those in KZN right now.  The years ministry has been hot for us as well, with all our ministries opening once again, and an interest in several new ministries needing our attention.  This has left us rather exhausted at the end of 2022, and we’ll have to pace ourselves better in 2023.  The two ZEBS schools in the Western Cape are doing well, and there has been interest from other areas that we come and visit them in 2023.  We have been blessed to have been divinely places within a wonderful Church community that is also growing, and baptising, and marrying, and sadly passing away.  These all require time and attention, and after 25 years of not wanting to be involved in pastoral ministry God is softening our heart, though Barb will tell you she is not cut out to be a pastors wife, as she is too outspoken and is often found nicking the neighbours plants that poke out past the boundary fences. (These somehow grow better than bought ones.)  I have enjoyed two years on the Field Council and pray that out of sight is not out of mind, for those critical areas I’m now aware of within ZEMA SA.



the nest has become quite crowded these past few years, and our kids are close to flying.  There have been a few test flights and we’ll wait to see what 2023 brings.  JJ has done so very well at college, where he became a Teacher’s Assistant for this past year, that earned him a place in the gaming and design class, which has been his highlight year.  In-fact he did so well, the college is asking him to consider teaching a module or two this coming year.  Kara is in the process of applying to do nursing, and has her mind set on becoming a trauma nurse.  Prayers as we try to find out where the application has got to, so that she can hopefully start this year.


Barb and I are in good health, though we are noticing a need to slow down a little.  This might be a combination of slight burn out and I think our age is catching up with us.  We are in the sandwich years, between our very active kids on the one side, and our ageing parents on the other, and might be contributing to us feeling like the processed meat in the middle.  We were always expecting to help with my parents at some point, but we did not anticipate how quickly situation would change.  My dad was admitted about a month ago with cellulitis in his legs that quickly developed into septicaemia and was on his way out.  I remember taking communion with him in hospital during bouts of hallucinations due to the numerous meds and severe infection.  He is alive today because God has ordered his days, and our prayers are he will make good use of these coming days to finish well.  His improvement has been slow, and we doubt he will drive again, but he is in his home, and we will do all we can to help him adjust to his life at home.  Thanks for being so understanding of our situation right now. We miss not hearing all the reports, as they always help to ground and commit us for another year of ministry with you all.

Many prayers and blessings from the Hugo family.