Career Opportunities

Missionary/Camping Ministry

Description:  Sunbury Christian Camp is looking for a couple to join their ministry team. This couple would be involved in the administration of the camp and facility. Duties include leading and running a year-round camp ministry, hosting camps, and other responsibilities determined by the Sunbury Committee.

Responsibilities may include:
  1. Maintenance
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Reservations
  5. Staff management
  6. and more…


  1. An interest in Christian camping with some experience in people management &/or ministry
  2. A deep love for God and a close personal walk with Him
  3. A servant’s attitude: willing to do some manual labor and/or take on specific administrative responsibilities and people management that would be assigned. 
  4. Active involvement in a local congregation
  5. Good physical health
  6. Consider yourself to be self-motivated
  7. Develop a team of financial and prayer supporters


Contact: Dan Hoffman | Email

All applicants will be interviewed by the Sunbury Committee. Full job descriptions are available upon request.

Missionary/Communications Advisor

Description: The focus of ministry for this person would be to support missionaries and national pastors in ZEMA’s various areas of ministry.  It would involve regular travel and using his or her skills to capture the essence of ZEMA’s work around Southern Africa. This person could also join ZEMA’s partners who are developing the Trumpet of Zion Radio ministry.

  1. Teach and support local, ZEBS, ZBC run by national pastors and other ZEMA missionaries.
  2. Help build ZEMA’s Radio Ministry through:
    • Networking
    • Development of communications material
  3. Attend amaZioni church services and Bible studies with Zionists &/or ZEMA missionaries.
  4. Travel to ZEMA ministry areas to support and capture the essence of ZEMA’s vision for building the body of Christ among Zion churches.
  5. Lead short term teams focusing on communications and vision casting.


    1. A deep love for God and a close personal walk with Him
    2. A real sense of God’s call to this ministry
    3. A confirmation of giftedness for ministry by a local church
    4. An undergraduate degree with an emphasis in communications
    5. A minimum of 30 hours of Biblical studies
    6. Some experience in ministry in a local congregation
    7. Good physical health
    8. Be a self-motivated self-starter
    9. Develop a team of financial and prayer supporters