• University Ministry

 One of the greatest highlights of the year was seeing the ZCC group at the University of Johannesburg have a year-long Bible Study. Dorian Mashile, the leader of the group and a young man that I have been investing in, worked with the leadership to implement am inductive style Bible Study. They picked a specific book of the Bible and then worked through the book section by section, allowing each student to share his or her thoughts and questions. It was amazing to see young ZCC students learning how to study and interpret the Bible on their own. There was an average of 10 students present, sometimes much larger and sometimes smaller. They studied through Colossians, Jonah, Philippians, Jude, and Philemon.

I also continued to work with the group at WITS University, attending their services, choir practices, and meeting with students on campus. However, they did not have a bible study this year. The group at Vaal and NWU struggled to get off the ground. So, I concentrated on investing my time in a handful of the young men, conducting bible studies and studying a confession of faith with them. One of the main challenges this year was getting individual students to commit to meeting once a week to study God’s Word. 

  • Outreach to Zion Churches

 This year I was blessed with many opportunities to visit Zion churches. One of the highlights was attending the Zion Heritage Day in Newcastle. At the event, there were many Zion Bishops and Pastors present. Working with other ZEMA missionaries, we were able to give a talk on the history of Zion, its teachings, and how we can work together in the future. We sold 50 This We Believe Books, other literature, and made many contacts. After this Conference, Matthew Kuehl and I attended three other large Zionists gatherings in Gauteng through this event, where we taught and invited people to ZEBS. 

I also was able to attend Zion Easter Services, Zion Youth Day Service, University Services, an Ordination Service, and local Church Services. May God use our efforts to bless those that we met and bring some of them to ZEBS. 

  • ZEBS and Language Learning

I helped with ZEBS in Katlehong and Standerton this year. I also helped at our Graduation, where we had 67 students finish their 4th year studies. I continued to work on Zulu, through reading the Zulu Bible, talking with people, and using it while teaching. I also began learning Sepedi (Northern Sotho) this year and made some real progress. This is the main language of the ZCC church, so it seems important to learn this language if the Lord opens the doors to the ZCC.


Overall, I would say I had a good year! I sought to walk with God and have enjoyed time with him. I also had some good times with friends: on the golf course, on vacation, and just hanging out.

Top Left: Kgomotso Moloko, a young Zionist, graduated from Union Bible Inst. this year! Second Left: With missionaries at the Zion Heritage Day

Right: Bible Study with ZCC at UJ

Bottom: Spending time with the ZCC group at UJ