We continued to mentor Matthew Kuehl as a ZEMA Missionary. Matthew is studying Zulu and is teaching at local ZEBS classes. We continue to partner with Tim and Luann Kuehl and Kit Tischler with the amaZioni ministry in our region. Paul taught at the Diepsloot ZEBS this year and taught at other ZEBS until we left South Africa on October 18, 2022, for our furlough.

Paul continued to partner with Khuba Mpungose on creating new Trumpet of Zion (TOZ) audio programs. There are now 238 completed programs, as we finished I Corinthians this year. We continue to broadcast on two radio stations, Radio Pulpit and NkandlaFM. Paul continues to speak with other local community radio stations, and we are still looking for new ways to expand the radio ministry into other regions and languages. In addition, we really need a new person to take over the editing and production work as Paul transitions into the new field director role.

Visits to the Vhembe District were very scarce this past year. There are still many opportunities for ministry, but this year has been a season of waiting. The ZCC churches started meeting again after a two-year break due to Covid-19. In June, Paul was able to speak at a UAAC conference with his ministry partner there, Ndivhuwo Nkhumeleni. We are still hopeful to start TWB and ZEBS classes in the Vhembe District in the future.

The “This We Believe” course was fully digitalized and is now available at www.zemasa.co.za/this-we-believe-2. There have been a few people register for the class, but not much response at this time. The ZEMA Media Team is still looking for new ways to bring Bible teaching in this new season of ministry. Over the last year the New Life Box (Light Stream) has been given to each ZEBS/ZBC teacher. Paul partnered with Jesus Film Project, and CrU in South Africa, to provide the equipment and training for this new ministry tool. It is a portable Wi-Fi device which allows for simple distribution of Jesus Film materials and ZEMA’s audio, video, and written Bible training materials. The teachers are beginning to use it and it will continue to be a great tool to distribute teaching materials.

Carrie continued to home school Josh and Abbie and assisted TJ with his studies at King’s School West Rand, a local Christian school. There were two Sunday School Teacher Training seminars this year. Carrie and Luann Kuehl continue to partner together in this ministry. Carrie and Paul travelled to KZN to help with a SSTT in March.

In addition, Carrie has been working on a team to encourage missionaries to partner with the Children of Zion ministry. The Torch newsletter was created as a children’s ministry resource for Zionists to use and to encourage them to attend a SSTT seminar.

Please pray for:

  • Pray for the Radio and Media ministry development and expansion.
  • Pray for Paul as he begins the five-year term as ZEMA Field Director in January 2023 and as he receives training this year.
  • Pray for Carrie as she ministers to the children and contributes to the Children of Zion ministry.
  • Pray for the continued growth of Zion Evangelical Bible School and Zion Bible College in Southern Africa.
  • Pray for the effective ministry of Zion Evangelical Fellowship of Africa to the Zion churches of Southern Africa.

In Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior,

Paul and Carrie Seelhammer