ZEMA’s Radio Ministry: The Trumpet of Zion

About 25 percent of South Africans call themselves “amaZioni” (meaning “People of Zion” in isiZulu).  This fast-growing spiritual movement in Southern Africa is syncretistic, integrating Christian beliefs with traditional African culture and worship. ZEMA’s common ground with the amaZioni is, firstly a historical tie to the religious teachings of one John Alexander Dowie and his religious movement, which began in Zion IL, USA. Additionally, we share a central belief that the Bible is God’s message to us and that any who desire to know God will find Him through the Bibles’ teachings.
We want to reach out to the amaZioni people with a radio program, which is Biblical, curriculum-based, and attractive to the African Zionist. Our prayer is for the amaZioni people’s passion and zeal to be directed to worship the one true God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Current Opportunity

A unique opportunity exists to extend this Bible teaching to the amaZioni people through The Trumpet of Zion (TOZ). TOZ is a radio program based on our ZEBS/ZBC Bible curriculum.  Since March 2012, TOZ, as a 30-minute siSwati program, has been broadcast in Swaziland on a weekly basis through the Voice of the Church FM radio network.  In January 2015, a 15-minute isiZulu broadcast began in KwaZulu Natal: “Icilongo LaseZiyoni” (TOZ in isiZulu). Since then, broadcasts have expanded to Gauteng & Mpumalanga as well.

Project Goals

We hope to see the Trumpet of Zion become an audio program that is widely broadcast in Southern Africa. Also, that TOZ programming will encourage Zionists to study God’s Word and understand how the Bible relates to the African culture. This will be done in a manner that is tactful and truthful, while building trust by shining the light of Biblically based, theologically accurate, and culturally relevant teaching.  We trust that through the work of the Holy Spirit, God reveals truth and remains culturally relevant.

Listen to Trumpet of Zion Sample Broadcasts.