Together.  Maturing.  Serving.  Growing.


  • Bible-centered ministry
  • Discipleship
  • Unity in Christ
  • AmaZioni focus
  • Connection to Zion, IL
  • Freedom to innovate
  • Contentment, Generosity & Faith
  • Family spirit
  • Sustainability


  • Every ZEMA ministry honors Biblical authority, while working with cultural sensitivity and respect for the individual.
  • ZEMA practices Biblical discipleship trusting the Spirit of God and the Word of God to change people’s lives.
  • The people of ZEMA come from a variety of countries, and cultures, with a united focus on reaching and partnering with the amaZioni.
  • The historical connection to Zion, IL USA creates a special bond between ZEMA and the amaZioni people of Southern Africa.
  • ZEMA missionaries and ministry partners are encouraged and equipped to use individual gifts and skills in accordance with the Word of God.
  • In ZEMA we encourage one another to follow Christ’s example by living with contentment, a spirit of generosity, and faith.
  • ZEMA thrives because God has created in ZEMA a strong Biblical discipleship, a caring family spirit, and a focus on sustainable ministries.