Overview of year 2022

January – attended ZEMA annual business meeting and conference.

February – taught at SCBS then at Pastoral Couples weekend.

March and April – deputation in UK and Germany.

May – Heather attended SABWD Board meetings / Andy did ZEFA business with Paul.

July – Heather attended ZEMA ladies’ weekend.

August – Marriage Officer Training in Durban.

September – Heather attended SABWD Board meetings and was inducted as president of the BWD.  Andy taught at UBI.

October – Taught at UBI.

November – Taught at UBI.

During 2022 – preached at various churches.

Summary of 2022

Three highlights of the year were:

  1. our deputation to the UK and Germany in March and April when Andy preached at various churches in England, Scotland, and Germany.  Visited with Hasenknopf family.
  2. teaching at UBI during October and November and facilitated Marriage Officer Workshop for UBI and spoke at ZEBS graduation.
  3. Heather’s induction as president of the national Women’s Department of the Baptist Union at the Baptist Union Assembly at the end of September

Future Plans

Heather’s induction as president will involve visiting various places. We will combine her ministry among the women of Baptist Churches with our ministry among the Zionist churches as her area is the Eastern Cape region.

We will continue with ZEMA as long as our support comes in by

  • Assisting Paul and the ZEFA Executive with ZEFA ministry.
  • Organizing the annual ZEBS / ZBC Teachers Conference for one more year and preparing someone to take over the responsibility.
  • Helping Marius develop the Mukhanyo Distance Center which is meeting at Glenwood Community Church.

I seem to be doing a lot of “promotional ministry” on behalf of ZEMA, sharing about the mission and its ministry as I visit various churches and pastors.


Respectfully submitted by Andy and Heather Sullivan