Happy Easter! We are remembering and celebrating Resurrection Sunday, while remaining in the South African coronavirus lockdown for the second Easter in a row. Many churches are holding services, but at the same time many are remaining at home due to the challenges of the restrictions placed on everyone by the government. We have been pondering the seasons of life in the midst of fear and uncertainty in our world today. We are excited about all of the new ways and means which are developing to spread the light and love of Jesus in a world that is living in the grip of many real challenges and fears. This reminds us of the truth proclaimed in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”


We are excited about a new ministry tool called the New Life Box from the Jesus Film Project. This amazing device fits in your pocket, is battery powered, and sets up a Wi-Fi zone for 150 feet in all directions. This partnership will allow us to make the Jesus Film materials, Trumpet of Zion audio programs, the Scriptures in multiple languages and other electronic print, audio, and video media, available to anyone with a mobile electronic device —even when there is no electricity or cell phone or internet service. We are developing a plan to provide a New Life Box for each of our ZEMA missionaries and Zion Bible teachers.


The ZEMA media team continues to research and develop new ways and methods to reach the amaZioni in this new season. This includes podcasts, online learning systems, as well as the ZEMA website and potentially a new ZEMA smartphone app. We are creating more programs utilizing the teaching of other ZEMA missionaries and English programs which is an answer to prayer.


Your prayers for the Vhembe District are much appreciated. We know God is at work and we are waiting for God to open the doors for Bible training in the Zion Christian Church, ZCC.


We are enjoying mentoring our new ZEMA missionary Matthew Kuehl. Matthew is learning the Zulu language and is a part of the next generation to reach the Zion churches of Southern Africa. We decided to have Zulu lessons together on Fridays. This is a valuable time to practice basic Zulu with each other and it is also a very fun time for our family. Matthew is so much fun to be with, always making us laugh.


The following is a list of prayers requests. Please remember to pray for these items. We are so honored to have you all on our support team. Thank you so much!


Prayer Requests

  • The new ideas for media and technology, like the New Life Box, will be
  • Development in media and radio will continue and be in God’s
  • The ministry in the Vhembe District will The Holy Spirit to cause the ZCC leadership to desire Bible teaching from ZEMA.
  • Our family will mentor Matthew Pray the Matthew will learn Zulu well and have good learning experiences in the amaZioni culture.
  • Our family will be safe and We will be leading our children according to God’s ways.