Paul and Carrie Seelhammer


Seelhammer, Paul and Carrie

Paul & Carrie Seelhammer live in Roodepoort, just west of Johannesburg, South Africa, with three of their five children, Josh, Abbie and TJ. They have been ministry partners with ZEMA since 2007.
Paul has partnered with local pastors to record and produce over 150 Zulu Trumpet of Zion radio programs, and is now part of a team developing new ZEMA media ministries. Paul has also been building relationships with Zion churches in the Vhembe District, Limpopo, in the northwest corner of South Africa. He is managing the translation of ZEMA teaching materials into the TshiVenda and Tsonga languages. Carrie is involved with Zion Children’s Ministry, while home schooling.

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