Alternative Energy

The South African energy crisis or Loadshedding is an ongoing period of widespread national blackouts of electricity supply. It began in the later months of 2007 and continues to the present. The South African government-owned national power utility, and primary power generator, Eskom, and various parliamentarians attributed these rolling blackouts to insufficient generation capacity.

According to Eskom and government officials, the solution requires the construction of additional power stations and generators. Corruption and mismanagement have exacerbated this energy crisis; neglect by staff, in addition to multiple acts of sabotage and the activity of criminal syndicates within the company and government, have also contributed to the problems.

More and more often, ZEMA missionaries are affected by these blackouts. The challenges to ministries have become, at times, debilitating. ZEMA’s leadership has agreed to provide missionaries and ministries with alternative energy resources as God provides the funds. Thank you for joining ZEMA’s work by supporting in this way.

Information relevant to the South African energy Crisis is taken from Wikipedia: