Bible School Scholarships


Union Bible Institute and Dumisani are two accredited Bible Institutes by which Zionists may further their Biblical training beyond ZEBS & ZBC. As with any higher education, the Bible schools cost money, often beyond what the student alone can provide. Many ZEBS & ZBC teachers have studied through Bible schools such as these. ZEMA has set up a Bible School Fund by which we may assist amaZioni to participate in formalized Bible training opportunities. Potential students must have a Zion church “sponsor,” which agrees that this person, from their congregation, is someone they would like to receive Bible training. The sponsoring church must also agree to assist the student regarding personal needs during their time of education. This scholarship provides the student with tuition, room & board, and travel costs at the beginning and end of each term. ZEMA’s Field Council decides to award these scholarships based on the direction of ZEMA personnel, the amaZioni church’s statement of recommendation & application, as well as what money is available in the Bible School Fund.