The First Sunbury ZEBS in 2021!

We’re thrilled at the turnout of 46 students for Sunbury ZEBS this weekend. President Ramaphosa spoke on Tuesday, opening the country for religious gatherings up to 50 people, and broadening available travel time by extending the curfew hours, now 11 pm to 4 am. With quick meetings and decision making, Sunbury ZEBS students had two days to make arrangements for school this weekend.


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It’s not the same. With restrictions of 50, students attend for one day only, either Friday OR Saturday, and reservations indicate attendance through WhatsApp. Temperatures are monitored, and masks are required. No cooking~ just a snack. And no sleeping~ just a whole lot of teaching! But we’re thankful that 22 students on Friday and 25 on Saturday were able to attend even with short notice.

Only the teachers stayed the night, and with the extra time on the weekend, we were able to have meetings to brainstorm and plan ways of expanding our virtual library. Paul Seelhammer attended with equipment to record the lessons. Additionally, the team decided to take time on Saturday morning to demonstrate the virtual possibilities and lay groundwork for sharing virtual material in the future. This demonstration will be repeated and recorded for use at other schools in March.

Of the 22 students, 18 succeeded in connecting to the Lightstream, and there we over 50 downloads during the hours remaining.


[b3m_flip_card title=”The Lightstream” back_title=”Nozipho” content_back_new=”Nozipho demonstrates an SD card
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Dan & Nozipho guide the students
to utilize the Lightstream wifi


Travel Once Again

The plan has been for us to return to the USA in March. Since we left the USA in December, Carlene’s mom has had increasing medical issues and has been diagnosed with multiple spinal fractures. We feel Carlene should be in the USA to assist her family. Additionally, in the past six weeks, short term missionaries Howard and Lynn Swank have had repeated flight cancellations preventing their return to the USA in January. At this time, Carlene and the Swanks have booked arriving in Chicago on Thursday. Please pray for COVID clearance and general health and efficiency and safety as they travel.

Prayer Requests

The look and feel of ministries are changing. Pray for wisdom as we encourage and support our national pastors and fellow missionaries in the months and years ahead.
Virtual, but very real OPPORTUNITY. Pray for God’s wisdom and provision as we seek to make our ZEBS & Zion resources available virtually.
Carlene & the Swanks travel on Wednesday. Pray that there will not be further delays, for their health and clearance to travel, and that their trip will be uneventful.
As Greg will remain, also pray for him, for the ministry, and his clearance when he follows the end of March.
Please pray for strength and healing in Carlene’s family.