Andy and Heather Sullivan


Sullivan, Andy and Heather


Andy and Heather Sullivan are South African born missionaries. They joined ZEMA in 2008 after Andy had served on the Field Council for a number of years. They had been the pastoral couple in four Baptist Union Churches for 25 years before joining ZEMA. They worked in Swaziland for several years helping the Brittens establish Zion Bible Colleges before moving back to South Africa in 2014 where they do leadership training and church development through a ministry called ZEFA—Zion Evangelical Fellowship of Africa. ZEFA’s focus is on developing unity amongst the Zionist churches and leaders. They also encourage leaders to be Biblical by accepting churches that are led by ZEBS graduates. The Sullivans travel extensively sharing about ZEFA at ZEBS classes and graduation services and visiting Zionist churches doing various forms of training.

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