Seghers, Greg and Carlene

Greg and Carlene Seghers met through Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship and married in 1985. They moved their family to South Africa in 1993 to minister among the amaZioni. The Seghers have three married sons living in the USA, and three grandchildren. Currently Greg is the Field Director for ZEMA. He and Carlene have currently agreed to oversee the function of ZEMA’s home office in Zion, IL USA. In South Africa their work is based out of KwaZulu Natal, and Sunbury Christian Camp. Covering their responsibilities on both sides of the ocean, requires a great deal of travel. Together they work alongside African pastors, missionaries and other ZEMA constituents. Their goal is to broaden the networking of ZEMA’s ministry on both sides of the ocean to better evangelize and disciple amaZioni church leaders, and be a part of Jesus’ work to grow His Kingdom in Southern Africa. Together their mission statement is, “To know God and make Him known.”

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