ZEMA Mission Opportunities



Reaching the amaZioni in Southern Africa

ZEMA Mission Opportunities


To prepare and equip
a new generation of African leaders,

who embrace the pure gospel of Jesus Christ.



Bible Teaching

Communications (New/Virtual)

Camping & Children's Ministry

Short Term

Wide Open Door

Look See

Time with a Local Pastor

Shadow a Missionary


Wide Open Door

Camping Ministry


Bible Teacher

Virtual Intership Applications

Application : Communications Audio & Video | Virtual

Application : Communications App Development | Virtual

Application : Website & Social Media | Virtual

In Person Internship Applications

Application : Cross Cultural / Bible Teaching

Application : Communications

Application : Camping Ministy

Application : Children's Ministry / Cross Cultural

Short Term Applications

Application : Short Term

Career Applications

Application : Camping Ministry

Description:  Sunbury Christian Camp is looking for missionaries to join their ministry team. They would be involved in the administration of the camp and facility. Duties include leading and running a year-round camp ministry, hosting camps, and other responsibilities determined by the Sunbury Committee.


Application : Career Communications Advisor

Application : Career Bible Teacher

ZEMA exists to Know God and to make him known, particularly among the amaZioni of the African Independent Churches.

In order that the amaZioni people of Southern Africa become soundly Biblical in their beliefs and practices.

Join Us! ZEMA Loves Students.

Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa is an old mission with a fresh vision for reaching millions of Zionists with the good news of a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

ZEMA has a unique opportunity for evangelism and discipleship among highly spiritual people who don’t know God. 

15-18 Million amaZioni

The 15-18 million amaZioni (meaning “people of Zion”) in Southern Africa are syncretistic: integrating Christianity and indigenous African beliefs. ZEMA missionaries journey life with amaZioni Church leadership, students, and communities.

Would you like to sharpen your skills and broaden your ministry experience through a cross-cultural internship with ZEMA?