Translation Project

This project is for the full localization (translation and reanimation) of BibleProject’s entire Read Scripture series into isiZulu. isiZulu is the number one spoken language in South Africa and is related to three other major languages in the broader region of Sub-Saharan Africa, representing approximately 25 million people.

 BibleProject exists to “help people experience the Bible in a way that is approachable, engaging, and transformative.” They produce short explainer videos about every book of the Bible, as well as other biblical theological resources. By partnering with BibleProject in linguistic expertise, cultural sensitivity, visual storytelling, and effective distribution, this series will serve as a transformative resource, bringing the timeless message of the Bible to life in the hearts and minds of Zulu-speakers all over Southern Africa.

Find BibleProject resources in English and other languages here:

If you and your family, church, small group, or youth group would like to sponsor your favorite a book of the Bible for $1,700/R32,000, please email [email protected] with your selection. Stay posted on which books have been sponsored below.