2021 ZEMA Prayer Calendar


Pray for Dan and Beth Hoffman

Please pray for wisdom in how to work with groups and maintain government regulations at Sunbury as retreat weekends resume. Pray that travel regulations would allow for our home assignment mid 2021 and for the volunteers willing to come cover our responsibilities at Sunbury during our absence, and the renewal of our visas.


Pray for Paul and Carrie Seelhammer

Please pray for continued development and growth for the Zion Radio programs, Vhembe District, ZEMA Media ministries, Children’s Ministry program, Zion Evangelical Bible Schools, and Zion Bible College in Southern Africa. Please pray for safety and good health for our family and successful schooling for the children. Pray for Luke and Joe as they continue to work and study. Pray for Carrie as she ministers to our children.


Richard and Geraldine Akers

Please pray we will be restarting all ministries soon which were stopped during the lockdown, for ongoing ministry opportunities in Mocambique and Mpumalanga, and that we will identify further amaZioni leaders to teach ZEBS classes.

Barry and Louise Adkins

Please pray our ZEBS students would not only hear the truth of the Gospel, but be transformed and then that they wouldhave the ability to stand for the truth of the Gospel.

Matthew Kuehl

Praise that God has so greatly confirmed His calling on my life. Please pray God will help me with acculturation into the amaZioni. Pray for language study and for my ministry in Johannesburg.

Jon and Lauren Emanuelson

We are grateful for all the ways that the Lord is at work here among the amaZioni of Southern Africa. We ask you to pray for perseverance for all who are teaching and studying the Bible at the Zion Evangelical Bible School and Mukhanyo distance site in East London, Eastern Cape.pray strong leaders, workers, and churches as a whole will be established among the amaZioni here and that God would continue to bless our family in every way.

Stephen and Jessica Langley (TEAM) 

Please pray for wisdom and patience as we learn what life and ministry look like in a post Covid-19 South Africa. Pray for sustaining joy and energy as we balance ministry, family, and seminary. Pray that God would raise up Zionist leaders to partner with us in pioneering Zionist Youth Ministry and that He would grant us collective vision and passion.

Mark and Barb Hugo(SIM)

Please hold us in prayer as we involve ourselves in ZEBS in the Western Cape in addition to leading a small church . Pray for healthy balance with the constant juggle of ministry and family needs.

Greg and Carlene Seghers

As ZEMA’s Field Director, Greg, assisted by Carlene, has agreed to oversee ZEMA’s home office. The Seghers regularly travel, interacting with missionaries, field council, ZEMA Board, office staff, and African partners running KZN Bible schools in South Africa. Pray for safety, health, and wisdom to build up the body of Christ and to balance supporting both family and ministry.

Timon and Anni Steiner (DMG)

We are still navigating our way into the “territory of the mission field”. Pray for vision and guidance as we consider approaches to ministry this coming year. Despite the long lockdown in South Africa, we are thankful for Timon’s progress in learning the isiXhosa language. Pray for endurance and fun as he engages in new ways to practice the Zionists’ heart language in our region. Our oldest son, David, started home school in September with Ann-Kristin teaching him. Pray for us, a family of six, as we manage family and ministry commitments.

Andy and Heather Sullivan

Please pray for wisdom and a sensitive spirit as we work among the Zionist churches developing churches and training leaders.for the Executive Committee of Zion Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (ZEFA) a national church organization meeting needs of member churches in Biblical leadership and godly church development that involves a lot of travel and networking.”

Kit Tischler

Works with the Kuehls and Seelhammers. He ministers to amaZioni college students at different public universities in the metropolitan area. Pleas e pray the students would see the glory of Jesus, understand the gospel of grace, and seek to live holy lives. Pray God would prosper the different amaZioni groups on college campuses. That these groups would have good leadership, be biblical, and be full of love.

Brett and Evelyn Miller

Please pray for Zion Bible College eSwatini leadership, teachers, and students. May we bring glory to God and bless each other. Pray for our outreach to the Jericho sect. Pray the revival continues and continues to grow.

Luaan and Susanne Goosen

Please pray for the spread of the gospel, for more missionaries, and for more teacher helpers in the Bible school. forhe joins the Navy, foras she begins her senior year, and forshe transitions to high school grade 8 in January 2021. for wisdom in making decisions.

Marius and Nozipho Swart

Please pray for our ZEBS classes and couples ministry as life transitions back to normal. Pray for Nozipho’s counseling work and translation  of the coursework at South Coast Bible School into English. Pray for fruit with the online recordings to our ZEBS students abroad and for those in our WhatsApp group on Wednesdays. Pray Ayanda, our oldest daughter, will find work in these tough times. Pray for Kayleen, our youngest (2 1/2 years old) as we anticipate her return to pre-school next year. We thank you all for your prayers and support and may God’s grace shine upon you all.

Dennis and Caitlin Boatman

2020 has made it very difficult to remain focused on our ZEMA goals, and to develop the practical “next steps” to get to the mission field. Please pray for God’s wisdom, good guidance, and clarity of mind and heart, so that we may move forward towards His will and in His timing.


Tim and Luann Kuehl

Please pray for our spiritual growth and for God’s blessing and protection in our lives. Pray for more workers (both missionaries and local trained workers) and for God to change lives through ZEBS and children’s ministry in Zion churches.

Jeff and Kim Livingston

Pray for Jeff as he assumes the teaching responsibilities of Thomas Hasenknopf and Kim as she maintains ZEMA’s 2 new websites while operating their business and caring for their children. Pray for their family to find a healthy balance between family and ministry obligations.

Eric and Susan Binion—(TEAM)

Eric teaches ZEBS and travels to Lesotho to teach Zionists. Pray they would be able to effectively disciple and mentor the UBI students and that the ZEBS would grow in number and spiritual depth. Pray their adult children would continue to walk with the Lord and understand God’s will for their future.

Field Director and Mission Director

Please pray for Greg Seghers as he currently serves in both positions. Pray God would grant him wisdom as he makes decisions that impact the mission work in South Africa and the USA. Pray for unity among the  Board of Directors, Field Council , and Field/Mission Director as they work together to accomplish God’s will for ZEMA.

Board of Directors

Pray God will grant our Board of Directors wisdom in their leadership of  ZEMA: Kathy McIlhany, Barry Norris, Lew Richards, Dan Capp, Jim Petreman,  Geff Lee,  Todd Harder, Kevin Pinter, Paul Bradley, and Brad Schreiner.

Field Council

Pray for the field council members as they make decisions and give direction to  ZEMA’s ministries.  Members are Louise Adkins, John Aubrey, Tim Kuehl, David Lock, Brett Miller, Eric Binion, Paul Seelhammer, Dan Hoffman, and Greg Seghers.


Discipleship and Evangelism—Please pray for the following programs: 

The This We Believe correspondence course and the Zion Banner newsletter introduce Zionists to the gospel and other Zion ministries.  The Trumpet of Zion radio ministry offers bible teaching weekly and is broadcast in Swaziland, KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng and Mpumalanga.  Pre-Covid there were currently 82 Bible Schools (with 2,800 students).   Bible Schools provide formalized training for amaZioni church leaders.  Other training ministries include:  Zion Youth & ATEZS/university ministry, camping ministries, and the Jesus film.  May God bless His church!

Children’s Ministry and Teacher Training

ZEMA traditionally teaches  Sunday School Teacher  Training Conferences each  year.  Class sizes range from 20-100 students teaching ages 4-14.  Pray for these teachers to have patience, abundant creativity, and  for the love of  Christ to be presented.

New relationships with Churches and Bible Schools

Pray more churches in South Africa might get involved by supporting schools and Zion ministries in their areas.  Pray more USA churches would get involved by sending short term teams for specific ministry and conference support.  We would like to see more Bible schools getting involved by sending interns and eventually full-time missionaries to help us keep up with ZEMA’s expanding ministries.

Partner agencies and personnel

Pray for our partner ministries: TEAM, DMG, SIM International, and the  Baptist Union of South Africa and pray also for personnel needs for the camping ministry at Sunbury.  Sunbury camp introduces people to Jesus Christ and offers spiritual renewal for believers and church leaders.

Zion Youth

Many children in South Africa are orphaned, diseased, and living in poverty.  Pray the ZEMA missionaries and others would clearly show God’s love and have wisdom as they minister in challenging circumstances.  Pray for the Langley’s and Kit Tischler as they focus on you th ministries through ATEZ (Association of Tertiary Zion Students), groups, and through other means of mentoring and discipling.  Pray God would raise up a new generation of strong, evangelical amaZioni believers.

AmaZioni Bible School Teachers and Students

Pray for the financial and family needs of Bible school students and our ZEBS and ZBC teachers.  These men and women give of their time and have made a commitment to ministry, often in the face of financial challenges and the constraints it places on their families.  Pray for God’s blessing, provision, and wisdom.

ZEMA online resources/availability

South Africa does not offer unlimited data plans for internet service and data must be purchased by the mb.  Please pray God will open the way for ZEMA to be approved for a ‘zero rating’ so our curriculum can be downloaded for free by all our students.


Please pray for all financial needs to be met, for ZEMA to be good caretakers of funds given to us by the Lord, and blessings on those who faithfully provide support to our missionaries and ministries.

Home Office

Please pray God would grant the Home Office staff wisdom as they make decisions which impact missionaries and programs.  Pray blessings upon the many volunteers that help meet the needs of the home office.