Our lock down levels are loosening up slowly but surely, we are now on level 1. This level frees us up to get back to some of our old ways of doing ministry. It will be different as there are some rules and protocols that must be followed.

ZEBS started again on Saturday 12th Sep. We had 32 students attend and our venue worked out perfectly as it met all the Government criteria for the Covid restrictions. It was good to be able to meet again and discuss the way forward.

It was also another opportunity to hand out food parcels to those in need within the class. Because of the easing of restrictions, we have also been back to the township to drop off food parcels with some needy folk. It is heartbreaking to see how many people have been affected by this pandemic. 



The Steiner’s found out that the volunteer they were hoping would come, will not be coming any longer. So, Annie is homeschooling David. Please pray with us for them as they settle into a new routine and that homeschooling will be a blessing for the whole family.


The relaxed restrictions allowed us to cross provincial borders and God made it possible for us to travel up by car to Parys (Free State) to visit Peta-Jade for the last weekend in August.  It was about a 12-hour trip with a few short stops along the way.

The weekend felt like a whole years’ worth of emotion being jam packed into three days. We immediately noticed a calmness in Peta- Jade that we have not seen since she was a child. We witnessed many answered prayers as Peta-Jade shared some of her journey with us.

We also had our eyes opened to the reality of how hard it is to work through addiction and choose recovery. The world of addiction and recovery is so different to our world. Only someone that has struggled from addiction can truly relate. At times, over the weekend, we even felt like the guys were speaking a different language to us.

It was so good to meet the staff at Diamond Recovery and to see firsthand how they give their lives to help rescue others from where they themselves have been. It was humbling and a huge blessing. God is doing great things there and we are so glad that Peta- Jade is part of that.

Nathan. Nathan is back at school 5 days a week from 8:00 to 14:30. He seems to have settled in and is doing well in assessments and projects. He has had to go to the orthodontist, we thought just for braces, but it turns out his pallet is too small and so he has to first go through a process of having his pallet widened so that his tongue is not forced back into his throat. The whole process should take about two years, much to Nathan’s dismay, as he has found the spacers between three of his back teeth quite painful and this is just the start.

Barry fell and hurt his shoulder a while back, he has been going for physio and goes to see the shoulder specialist in two weeks. Please pray for him, as the discomfort is causing him to lose quite a lot of sleep.

May you all keep safe and healthy and may the Lord bless you. Lots of love Barry, Louise, Peta Jade and Nathan.

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