It is the strangest of times. Our city is currently one of the most hard-hit areas in our country as far as the second wave of Covid is concerned. We wait to hear from our president as to what restrictions may be put in place before this wave gets more out of control than it already is. It is no longer a case of someone who knows someone who has died but now it is family of close friends that are dying around us. I am so glad that our times are in His hands and that Jesus truly is our hope no matter what comes our way.

With Barry being out of action (due to his shoulder operation) I was privileged to be part of the Activ8 a mission’s conference held here in Port Elizabeth this last weekend. I had some great conversations and was given a chance, along with the other missionaries there, to share about ZEMA and what the Lord is doing.
As we were packing our displays away a young man of 12 years old came up to me and asked me for more information about ZEMA and after chatting to him for a while I was wondering if this young man would one day be a full time missionary with ZEMA. Pray for more workers as the Lord continues to work in marvelous ways even during Covid.

We are so grateful that the ZEBS was able to start again and run well with all the restrictions in place. Timon Steiner was able to share a short testimony in Xhosa at the last ZEBS that he and Barry were able to attend and I was impressed by his Xhosa accent. It was decided that our graduation will be held early in the new year and so we look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us then.

Barry was able to see the shoulder specialist and he determined that Barry needed rotor cuff surgery. We were doubting that the surgery would happen with the way Covid infections were increasing in the city however his surgery happened according to schedule on the 18th Nov. The past two weeks have been interesting as Barry has experienced a new kind of pain and normal. He will not be able to drive for the next four weeks and so I remain the designated driver in the house. Please pray for a good recovery.
Nathan has finished writing exams and so is on “unofficial” holiday from the 1 Dec as the Dept of Education has chosen to close schools early in our city with the increase in infections. Nathan has decided he wants a lemon tree for Christmas because he wants to grow lemons to make lemonade and make loads of money. Please pray for a good holiday time for him.
Peta-Jade is doing the hard work she needs to be doing and we were so excited to hear that she was baptized this past weekend. Please continue to pray with us that she would grow closer to Jesus with each day.
May you all experience Jesus this Christmas time as you spend time with loved ones and focus on the things that truly do matter. Thank-you for walking this road with us.
Loads of love Barry, Louise, Peta-Jade and Nathan.

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