We write this newsletter from our time in quarantine as Nathan tested positive for covid last Saturday after being sent home from school the Tuesday before as two of his classmates tested positive. It has been interesting to experience this firsthand. Peta-Jade and Louise got tested on Monday morning and their results came back negative however they have developed new symptoms and have felt more fluish as the week has progressed. Barry developed mild symptoms with a niggly cough and slight headache.

So, I do not know if you can picture this? We have a son who is slightly sick and is very excited about missing school and is not quite sick enough to be in bed while he fluctuates between thinking it’s so weird that we actually have this thing and it doesn’t seem so bad, to wanting to sort his teacher out as he blames her for his infection (there is no evidence of this). Then he feels so bad about being the one to infect the rest of us and is constantly checking up on us as to how we are feeling. His energy levels are the same as a squirrel on a caffeine high. The rest of us are tired and are not coping too well with our squirrel and we are only halfway through quarantine.


Before all of this took place, Louise flew to Durban for Field Council which is always a busy and exciting time. Every time Louise attends Field Council, she comes home so encouraged by the reminder of what God is doing in and through ZEMA.

Sometimes, especially during this pandemic, we can start to feel really frustrated that we are not able to do ministry like we used to, and it can be quite discouraging. Going to Field Council puts that all into perspective as one is once again reminded that God is in control, that God is working, and that God has a bigger and perfect plan that He is bringing together at the right time.


We continue to meet for our ZEBS class in Motherwell, this last class had a larger turn out of students than the previous 3 classes. Do pray with us that the students would not be discouraged by the stop start, covid disrupted meetings.


Before the pandemic we were meeting for Bible Study with Mama S and her eldest daughter in Motherwell. The hope was to grow this time to include the Zion folk in that area. This past while has been difficult for this family with Mama S being diagnosed with terminal cancer after a while of being unwell without knowing why.

Mama S passed away last week leaving her two daughters. The eldest is in her early twenties and the youngest is writing her second last set of Grade twelve exams. Please pray for them as they struggle through this time with their future so uncertain.


Nathan goes back to school in a week and then his school closes early for term end holidays as they are experiencing an increase in covid infections. This means that Nathan will celebrate his 14th birthday while he is on holiday, which is wonderful. He wants to go camping for his birthday and catch a huge fish.

Peta-Jade Is really battling with covid and has had a fibromyalgia flare as well, we would so appreciate your prayers for her as she heals. She has slowly started to meet with friends again which is difficult and good at the same time. We also heard that she has been accepted into Varsity College for next year, so that will be an exciting new chapter for her too.

Barry had a basal cell carcinoma removed from his back, he had to go back to the doctor for more to be removed as they had not gotten it all out the first time round. Thankfully the doctor was able to get it all out on the second attempt.

As you already know Barry’s dad passed away just after Covid hit South Africa in 2020 and so we were not all able to attend his funeral service. Barry’s folk used to own a seaside cottage along the Wild Coast (Koboqaba) and they made many good memories there as a family. At the end of August we had a family reunion there to scatter Dad’s ashes. It was a wonderful weekend for us all, very special indeed and one of the high lights for us was having Peta-Jade home and with us.

So, no matter what the future holds the song is true when it says He hold the future and our times are in His hands and that is a good place for them to be.

Barry, Louise, Peta-Jade, and Nathan.

Memories of Barrys Dad

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