COVID Eish!!!!

When Covid first hit, I can remember thinking that there are going to be consequences that are long and far reaching after we have learned to live with the virus. I am sure many of you can testify to the fact that you are experiencing some long-term consequences of what Covid has done. We have been affected both physically as well as financially which is the case for many people. On that point we would just like to thank you all for your faithful support of us throughout the years. We do praise God for you all and so appreciate your partnership with us as we work with the AmaZioni. What a privilege it is to do life with you as our backup and prayer support as we go out into the Townships.


We are back at Emsengeni Primary School for our ZEBS class. This is in Zwide which is a more central location. We are trusting that this will help for those that were saying our last venue was out of the way. This past ZEBS the lesson was on Job. Barry used a YouTube video as an illustration “man with Disease that turns muscles into bone praises God” His name is Garmin, and this man shares of the goodness of God in his pain and suffering. As Barry starts to tell the story one of the students identifies the illness as FOP and then shares with the class the struggle of having a 14-year-old daughter with this condition. It was a heart wrenching time for them all as they heard of this dad’s struggle and are now able to stand with him in prayer.

The point that Barry was making from Job was, God is unfolding a plan and sometimes we do not understand. God is trustworthy despite the pain and heartache, and He can and will use the situations in our lives for his glory. We need to trust Him and use the opportunities we are given to.

Soup Kitchen in Motherwell


We have joined the bishop, his wife and two ladies from the Zion church that hosted ZEBS during Covid, as they have a soup kitchen they run every Wednesday morning from their church building. The bishop was challenged during a ZEBS lesson on tithing and decided they needed to meet a need in their community by starting a soup kitchen for the community. We meet and prepare and serve a meal each Wednesday morning which feeds anything from 50 to 70 people or until the food runs out. Please pray with us as we ask the Lord to give us more opportunities with these folk, that He would give us wisdom and open doors for us to share Jesus.


Nathan is now on holiday for one more week and while school continues to be difficult for him socially, he has done well academically as far as we are concerned. His standards are much higher and so he is disappointed that his marks dropped slightly this past term.

Peta-Jade is doing well academically at Varsity College, we are waiting for the results of her first module, which is quite stressful. She had corrective surgery done on her right wrist and recovery is slow and painful. Please pray that the scar tissue would stay away and that she will be able to gain full use of her hand as she does all the exercises that need to be done.

Ladies Ministry in Lesotho


Louise was privileged to be able to go to Lesotho for a week with Westway folk to do woman’s ministry. It was a busy and fun time, and she has come back feeling rested and so grateful, for the time there. Barry and the kids stayed home and while we all missed each other it worked out well.

Sending love and prayers as we navigate life together.

Barry, Louise, Peta-Jade, and Nathan.
PS. All the bold writing are prayer points, thanks for holding us up in prayer.

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