So, it has been a while and I need to ask you to forgive me for that please? (Louise’s confession) I had begun our April- June newsletter and minimized it on my computer and life happened. I was under the impression that I had already sent it out and that I had more than enough time for our new newsletter. I guess turning fifty has more consequences than I thought.


Tata B’s wife is slowly getting stronger as the time passes. The journey will be a long one and Father God has been so kind to us as He has answered our prayers for them. Please continue to pray for this precious family. (Stroke, sugar diabetes and high blood pressure)

Rainy day at soup kitchen so we had the people come inside the church to stay dry


Wednesday mornings are fun when we join four ladies and the bishop of the Morning Star Zion church to be part of their soup kitchen as they are effective in their community. In getting to know them, it has become more obvious to us that Jesus has a much bigger plan than we could even begin to imagine.
The number of people fed each week has been steadily growing. As we make the soup and rice or mielie meal each week, we get to know each other better and the ladies have been starting to let us into their world a little more as each month passes. This church is still syncretistic, and the Lord is working as we talk about life and Jesus and enjoy each other’s company.
Three of the ladies sew well and have started sewing lessons for the community. One of these same ladies does décor for functions and Louise is going to be teaching her flower arranging at the beginning of 2024.
It has been good to have conversations on what the strategy and plan is for the students after they are done with the sewing class. Exciting opportunities to teach what we learned when we ran our own business.

Sewing class in Motherwell


Nathan got to the point where he wanted to quit school in June. So, after praying and stressing, with him wanting to do school from home, we decided to come up with a compromise for the month of August. He goes to the learning center three times a week and does school from home twice a week. If this works out well then, we will make it permanent. Nathan has a plan to finally get to the whole week at home and just his tests and exams at the learning center. This does not work for the rest of the family, so we would appreciate your prayers for us please.

Another prayer for him is church, he is really battling to be in church now with the noise and the social pressure leaving him feeling overwhelmed. Please pray with us for him to be able to grow in his relationship and love for Jesus even with all that is stacked against him.

Peta-Jade’s graduation for her higher certificate was in May this year. What a heart bursting moment that was as she walked on stage to receive her certificate. She has just started with her second semester for her first year of BA Psych. She has done incredibly well, and it is miraculous to look back on the past 7 years and see how far the Lord has brought us. Her greatest enemy is herself as she is a perfectionist and so puts herself under a huge amount of pressure to perform at a distinction level.

Because of all the stress her fibro has been getting worse so we would really appreciate prayers for her health. It also looks as if she has IBS, so she has been cutting out dairy and limiting gluten.


Barry had cataracts removed from both his eyes which has been quite and adjustment for him. He has had to wait six weeks to be able to get new glasses to help him with seeing things close by, it has been so frustrating for him to try fix things when he is not able to see them properly.

He needs to put on more weight before his next knee replacement which will be the week after Louise gets back from furlough in the USA. ( Early November is the plan)

Peta-Jade's graduation

Nathan has started art lessons and he is enjoying them so much.


The last time we went on furlough to the USA we realized that it was disruptive for us as a family and with the price of things going up as much as they have, we made the decision that Louise will be going to visit the USA for furlough alone this time. She will be gone from the 13 Sep to the 2 Nov and will miss Nathan’s 16th birthday on the 30 Sep. This is quite a tricky thing for Nathan especially as his birthday is a tough time for him each year. Please keep us all in your prayers as we ask God for more miracles as we find ourselves on opposite sides of the world for six weeks.

Louise has been so encouraged as she plans for her visit which is turning out to be a remarkably busy time with wonderful opportunities.


Lots of love

Barry, Louise, Peta-Jade, and Nathan.
PS. All the bold writing are prayer points, thanks for holding us up in prayer.

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