Missionary Opportunities? Not Me God!

So, you are looking for a summer missionary opportunity?

When I was 18, my home church was partnering with the Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa (ZEMA) to take a group of young adults to South Africa to work with their missionaries. As soon as we heard about the trip, all my friends were in and ready to go, I on the other hand, knew that missions were not for me. I was not going to fill out my application, and if God really wanted me to go, he would have to miraculously fill it out for me. It took a good friend, rooted in her faith, to come alongside me and tell me that sometimes we need to act on faith and if I really wanted to know if God wanted me to go to South Africa, I needed to fill out the application and see.

Missionary Opportunities – a look into what I knew prior to the trip:

  1. Traveling across the world was going to take me out of my comfort zone.
  2. I would have to give up a summer of working for a trip I had to fundraise for.
  3. I was not a qualified missions candidate.

While sitting in the Frankfurt airport, our team leader said “By the time we are back in this airport again, you will be a different person than you are today” To which I thought “Not me God!”

4 years after and 2 mission trips later, here is what I now know:
  1. I have never experienced God’s faithfulness so richly than on this mission field.
  2. Not only did God provide the funds for both of my trips, but he provided it in abundance. I was able to help other members of the trip raise their funds with the generosity of my donors.
  3. The harvest is ready. There is something unspeakably beautiful that happens when we go out in faith and God uses our inadequacy to His Glory.

Are You Willing to Go at God’s Call? Is missionary opportunity for you?

If you are looking for internship opportunities that have an eternal impact, I encourage you to learn more about ZEMA’s wide range of ministry opportunities.

  • Camping Ministry Missionaries
  • Pastoral Theological Internship (Cross Cultural)
  • Christian Education Internship (Cross-Cultural)
  • Communications Internship
  • Bible Teachers
  • Communications Specialist

So, if you are looking for a life changing experience, take it from me… just fill out the application.


See our Mission Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Missionary Career Opportunities

ZEMA missionaries have an open door among the millions of Zionists organized into tens of thousands of local churches throughout southern Africa. These churches are mostly syncretistic, combining Christian teaching with traditional African religious beliefs. Numerous new missionaries are needed to attempt to meet the current need and demand for evangelism, discipleship, and teaching ministries among these churches.

Short Term

Missionary Short Term Opportunities

Look and See

Description: ZEMA encourages anyone considering full-time missionary work to come and experience ZEMA’s opportunity. There is a wide open door for ministry in Zion churches, and we know you’ll be encouraged and excited when you take a look. This ministry trip many be three weeks to three months. We’ll cater your experience to your availability & interests. Your time in Southern Africa would include spending time with a national pastor in his homestead and &/or participation in Bible training ministries. You will shadow senior missionaries to observe and learn about their ministries and experience. Depending on your interests and length of stay you may be exposed to up to 4 areas of ministry.



A great way for students to get first-hand experience and develop skills in the context of ministry in a third world country. Whether the student is in Bible school, communications, or with an interest in Christian education, ZEMA missionaries love to share their lives and walk in ministry with others desiring to discern how God wants them to be global and intentional in building the family of God in our world today.

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