Miller, Brett and Evelyn

Brett teaches and works as a member of the leadership board and Evelyn works as office manager. The vision of Zion Bible College is to be 1) biblically-based, 2) Swazi-led, 3) self-supporting, and 4) sending. It is the Millers’ deepest desire to serve the estimated 18 million Zionists in sub-Saharan Africa. In light of new legislation in Swaziland, the Millers hope to develop gain accreditation for a Zion Bible College and launch several satellite campuses in the growing effort to reach the continent for Christ.

Zion Bible Colleges are at the heart of the Millers’ passion, because to affect change in Africa, they believe one must start with the pastor. As the pastor becomes a strong biblical force in the church, the church changes. As the church grows, the community changes. The renewed community then revolutionizes the country and, slowly, the whole continent.

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