After attending ZEBS (Zion Evangelical Bible School), Reverend Meshack Ngcobo left his leadership position in a large Zion church of 20,000 members for the purpose of teaching the truth of God’s Word. The church he now leads has 300 to 400 members.

Speaking to ZEMA interns, Rev. Ngcobo stated, “You see all these people? They know the truth because [a ZEMA missionary] brought the truth to me. Now I can bring the truth to them.”

Zion churches often splinter over prideful self-assertion when a leader desires the prestige of pastoring his own congregation. However, sometimes, as in Rev. Ngcobo’s case, divisions might also be the consequence of pastors finding freedom from animistic practices that oppose Biblical truth. We know that God will honor Rev. Ngcobo’s decision to prioritize truth over prestige.