March 2020 Sneak Peak

Meet The Livingstons

Jeff and Kim Livingston are South African associate missionaries with ZEMA. They have four children: three boys, Jaden (16yrs), Ryan (13yrs), Luke (11yrs), and a daughter, Tori (7yrs). Though Jeff had been working for CMW for nearly 7 years, Jeff felt a calling to be involved in ministry in an area called Tshelimnyama. He had no idea that God was using this calling to bring him into the same area ZEMA was working.

Towards the end of May 2019, Jeff had a vision of the walls of Jericho. For six days nothing happened, but on the seventh day, at the end of the march—with a loud shout—the walls came down (Joshua 6). This brought Jeff to the realization that he had been employed at CMW for exactly 6 years and he was marching into his “Jericho” year. The walls were about to fall!

After this revelation, Jeff saw scripture after scripture, sign after sign that there was big change coming. When the Hasenknopfs heard Jeff was resigning and keen to visit some of their work they became excited. They had been praying for someone to take over Thomas’ teaching and ad ministerial roles for some of his ZEBS schools. Meeting together, the Hasenknopfs shared their plans to assume a new position in Germany and asked the Livingstons to consider joining ZEMA… READ THE FULL STORY IN NEXT QUARTER’S NEWSLETTER!!!

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