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WOW! Who would ever have thought that we would all be going through what we are going through in our lifetime? It is one thing to see the people in China walking around with face masks on, but it is something else to be having to do it ourselves


The day before lockdown we went into the townships to talk to the folk we meet with regularly, as well as to drop off some food parcels. No one knew what lay ahead, so we were all trying to prepare ourselves as well as encourage the folk. One lady that we met with asked us “ who does Mr Corona think he is that he can tell us in South Africa, what to do?” Barry also got mixed reactions from the folk at ZEBS, some were concerned, others were not taking it seriously at all, while others were saying, “ God is for me, so nothing can come against me, let us carry on meeting for ZEBS”.

We did not carry on with ZEBS but went into level 5 lock down instead, a huge shock and adjustment for all of us. We have been asked over and over when we can get back to ZEBS. The truth is we do not know when and how we will be able to do ZEBS. There have been all sorts of ideas thrown around, as to how we could use technology. The bottom line is that not every one has access to technology and data, so many of our students would be excluded, so we have found ourselves hamstrung in this regard. Please pray with us for wisdom and open doors as we look to the future.


The Steiners have been able to use lock down as a time to adjust to their new baby, born just before lock down. They continue with language study online. We have also had a few Skype calls with them. They were praying for a young lady from Germany to come help with home schooling which should begin in September. Please pray for them as they navigate this new way of doing life within their adjustment to ministry.


PJ started lockdown in the sober house in Randburg. Thankfully we were able to find her a new Psychiatrist, and she has had ZOOM consultations with her. The Dr changed some of her meds and after doing so well in her recovery she relapsed. This often happens when her meds are changed. She was admitted to hospital in Randburg, and was there for 2 days. Thankfully Diamond recovery are prepared to walk this road with her. She is currently in Diamond’s rehab in Parys (Free State). The owners of Diamond Recovery would actually like her to finish her Addiction Councillor course, so that they will be able to take her on as staff to work in the rehab. They have seen a huge change in her, and see the potential she has to reach out to others that have walked a road similar to her own. We were really concerned that they were going to discharge her, so we are grateful to God for going ahead and making a plan for her. Please pray with us that His will be done. Nathan was not happy that Covit 19 messed up his school holiday, he had it all planned out. He has coped rather well with the lock down, he really worries about going out in public and is also concerned about getting infected at school. He has been doing schoolwork with Louise most week day mornings and did not stress too much when going back to school this morning. He has raised 2 batches of bearded dragon lizards, which we are currently selling online.

He has had a few ZOOM meetings with friends, and he has had many WHATSAPP video calls to family members and friends. Barry has spent many hours working around the house. Firstly he organised and tidied up the garage/ workshop. Then he did a bit of landscaping and work on the garden. We are thankful that he has been able to get to do some of this stuff that has needed attention, but we simply never got to them. So there has been a lot of benefit on this part of the home front. Louise has battled with lockdown and limited human contact, she can’t wait until the restrictions lift. May you all keep safe and healthy and may the Lord bless you. Lots of love Barry, Louise, PJ and Nathan.