“I have never seen a Bible School like this before.” “I didn’t even have salt in my house before you arrived this morning.” “I was just telling my grandson that I had no idea what we were going to have for supper because the food was finished and here God sends you to us.”

These were some of the comments that were made when we dropped of some care packages with some of our ZEBS students who find themselves in need during this time. We had been praying and asking the Lord to guide us as to how to do ministry during this lockdown time of Covid 19. Barry made a few calls and we realized that there were quite a few of our students who are needing food and so we put together some groceries for each of them and went to them armed with our masks and sanitizer.

What a joy to be able to encourage them in a practical way and let them know that God has not forgotten them.


We are still patiently waiting for the restrictions to be lifted for us to be able to start ZEBS again. We do however feel we may need to change venues and perhaps have smaller classes more often to allow social distancing etc.

We do live in one of the “Hot Spots” in our country and that was evident to us when we went to drop off the packages in the townships as we passed six different funerals on just one 3 hour trip.


We are still not permitted to visit in each other’s homes; however, we can exercise together and so we have been going for walks with the Steiner family. It gives us time to chat about how things are going and get some fresh air together. Please continue to pray for them as they get ready to start school with David. Pray also for the volunteer they are hoping will come from Germany.


PJ is doing well. She told us that she gave her heart to the Lord again on the 7th June and that this was a commitment she made from her heart and not for us but for her. There has been a lightness in her since then and even when she is battling, she speaks about things getting better. It has been so precious hearing her speak about having a quiet time and speaking to Jesus and how He is speaking to her as well. She has been reading through the gospels and was saying that she never realized that Jesus had such a sense of humor.

Nathan Went back to school for three weeks and then they closed schools again for a month. The first two weeks of this month have been holiday and Barry and Nate were able to go to Haga Haga for 10 days with Barry’s mom and sister. They had a wonderful time there and got loads of fresh air, sunshine, caught some fish and a few octopus.

Doing school again at home for the next two weeks and then Nathan goes back to school on the 24th August. He also has been battling with jaw ache and must have orthodontic work done, which starts in September.

May you all keep safe and healthy and may the Lord bless you.

Giving in South Africa:

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Standard Bank Current Account; Acc name: ZEMA; Acc no: 081047401;

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