Mark and Barb Hugo


Hugo, Mark and Barb


Mark and Barb Hugo and their kids, JJ and Kara, work with both SIM and ZEMA. Their background is in church planting and running a counseling and HIV testing center. When they joined ZEMA in 2006, they managed Sunbury Christian Camp for a while, getting to know the ministry amongst the Zionists.

Mark taught at the Sunbury ZEBS and ministered in the local community. In 2012, they moved to Durban, where Mark got involved with three ZEBS (Umlazi, Eswelisha, and Lesotho) and taught at Durban Bible College.

They have been in the western cape for two years now, and oversee Christ Church Sybrand Park, part of the REACH denomination. (Reformed, Evangelical, Anglican Church of South Africa.) Their prayer is to see how they can encourage local churches to partner in local missions, by assisting in numerous ways with a local ZEBS in their area.

The Hugos’ vision is to see God meet the spiritual and biblical training needs of the amaZioni of the Western Cape through the provision of ZEBS and discipleship. They prayerfully await the day they can support new missionaries in the area and wait on the Lord for His plans for South Africa in general.