Luaan and Susanne Goosen


Goosen, Luaan and Susanne

Luaan Goosen grew up in Queenstown, South Africa. From the time he was working, he had a burden to reach the Zionists in his area—but all of his attempts to reach them failed. Then, while at Bible school in Johannesburg, he heard about a missionary couple, Richard & Geraldine Akers, who were ministering to the Zionists full-time in the Transkei.

He couldn’t believe it. So in July 1997, he visited the Akers and saw with his own eyes that it was possible to make inroads to the Zionists. Not only that; while he was there, he met a student from Moody Bible Institute named Susanne. To make a very long story very short, Luaan and Susanne are now happily married and have been working side-by-side with the amaZioni for since 1999. They are currently based in East London, where Luaan focuses on evangelism, discipleship, and equipping Zionist church leaders to better lead their congregations. In addition to caring for their children, Pieter, Sarah, and Katelyn, Susanne teaches Sunday school classes and trains teachers.

The Goosens’ desire is to see the amaZioni reaching their own people and even taking the gospel abroad. They count it a wonderful privilege to be in ministry and love the amaZioni very much.

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