A year to remember

As we enter 2021 and look back, many of us would be tempted to say that 2020 was a year to forget. It was a year of some of the greatest natural disasters in history, as well as something that the world was not prepared for which took the planet by storm – COVID19.

Suddenly we were experiencing a totally different way of life…….

Lockdown and Online Services, Remote work, Home school, Masks, Sanitised Shopping, no aircraft in the skies and less traffic noise.

Many businesses and people were affected negatively during this time and needed desperate help. We also found ourselves in need along with our employees and the few families relying on us.

This was when our Father in Heaven started to show us how much we can rely on His great Love and Faithfulness.We experienced His provision in ways that had us marvelling at these characteristics of His, just as the Israelites must have marvelled at the supplies of manna in the desert every day just as they needed it.

Our fridge never seemed to reach empty, a weekly giftbox of fresh vegetables kept on coming and enough money came into the bank account to meet every monthly debit order.

All of this happened just in time, every time.

We were also able to help those depending on us, with food parcels from our family church and relief UIF funding which  reached the right recipients when they most needed it.

We won’t forget this year
because of the amazing ways in which God showed us His Love

New ways to share God’s Word

After starting the year with bible teaching work at the 3 ZEMA bible schools, we suddenly found ourselves locked out and prevented from doing ministry as usual.

It was amazing to see how God opened up new ways to share His word and extend His Kingdom even in a middle of a storm…….

I got involved in recording Kids ministry programs for online church and did Life Group and Alpha course on ZOOM.

Kim was involved in online band recordings and played an important role in the new ZEMA media team, who worked very hard with the ongoing development of ZEMA’s online presence.

New Whatsapp groups were formed for the bible schools and those who had the data kept in touch.

New connections were made with people and neighbours who without lockdown would not be open or reachable normally.

Family Time out of lockdown

We have experienced an emotional roller coaster last year. For this reason, as soon as we could find a chance, we took two short breaks with our family to get out of the city.

I took the 4 boys on a Drakensberg hike in October, where we spent one night in a cave and enjoyed God’s beauty and peace outside of the chaos.

We also were blessed with a couple of days at a cottage down the south coast where we enjoyed a family holiday of sun, sea and sand.

One big event this year was Kim’s 50th Birthday on the 1st December. We made sure she was spoilt despite the circumstances.

These events and times with our loved ones, even during lockdown, have highlighted the incredible and beautiful design that our father in Heaven has given us……that of FAMILY.

If anything this past year has shown us that this Life is about relationships not money……. That’s what makes the world go round.


We thank our Heavenly Father for the lessons in wisdom and hope, given to us in the middle of a stormy year called 2020. 
That was a year to remember


Jeff and Kim

Jaden, Ryan, Luke and Tori