“Forget Yourself”

MATTHEW 16:24 ” Then Jesus said to his disciples: If any of you want to be my followers, you must forget about yourself…..

Probably the hardest requirement of a follower of Jesus. How does an inherently selfish person forget about himself?

When we face physical, financial and emotional pressure, it is our natural reaction to close ranks, circle the wagons and protect our own interests to survive. We can’t forget ourselves, it is not natural. But Jesus wants that!!!

He knows it is not natural, because it is supernatural. Only by His spirit at work in us are we able to fulfill His will and forget more of ourselves each day.

He will look after everything else if we trust Him and concentrate on His will  – Forget yourself, Follow Me.

Please pray for us
as we seek to consider ourselves less
and follow Christ in His work with the AmaZioni people.

Something about the AMAZIONI

Did you know that about 25 % of the South African population is estimated to identify themselves as part of an ‘AmaZioni type’ Church in South Africa

What this MEANS is that if you want to take missions seriously in Southern Africa YOU HAVE TO take into account the AmaZioni movement…

The biggest single reality about many AmaZioni people are that they hold onto two belief systems….they follow African Traditional Beliefs AND at the same time they seek to follow BIBLE TEACHING

Something about the ZEBS Program

The organisation that we serve is called ZEMA (Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa). Their mission is to teach the word of God to the Amazioni peoples through their 89 localized, affordable, AmaZioni sensitive bible schools.across Southern Africa.These are called ZEBS (Zion Evangelical Bible Schools).

The ZEBS program has been going for over 20 years now and has had huge success in influencing the beliefs of the AmaZioni. Many local church leaders have gone back to their churches preaching the gospel and the truth from God’s word.

Something to Pray About

Guidance in Starting new ZEBS schools in Pinetown and in Bloemfontein.
Our use of local Radio to advertise ZEBS.
Provision and Protection for the families of ZEBS teachers.
Guidance for our family as our eldest, Jaden, starts a 1yr ROOTS course run by our local church, before he decides on further study.

Thank you for your support for our family.


IN His Hands,

Jeff, Kim, Jaden, Ryan, Luke and Tori