Hi there!

Quick prayer request from us, prior to our next newsletter. We had mentioned last August that my (Dennis’) US citizenship application had been filed and that the waiting game had begun. Well, praise be to our Lord, the 14-18 month expected wait was turned into 7 months, and I have my official naturalization test and interview this upcoming Tuesday, the 29th, at 10:45 am US Central time.

We are extremely grateful for the timing, especially as this is the last external hurdle to us being ready for the mission field. Please do pray for me as I travel down to Des Moines early on Tuesday and take that interview and test. I have studied with due diligence, and have no reason for concern, but we also don’t want to take anything for granted.

Thank you so much for your time and support. Love you all!
Dennis (and Caitlin, Garrett, Connor, and Eden).