West, Rachael

Rachael West lives with her husband Dan in Antioch, IL, plus two dogs. She is a youth leader at Northbridge church and works with a ministry for teen girls and families called Kindred Life Ministries.

Rachael first got hooked on mission trips on several small trips in middle school. There, she developed a passion for spreading the love of Jesus Christ. As she got older, she started going out of the country on trips. They were life-changing experiences.

Rachael visited South Africa last December for the ZEMA/TEAM missionary conference and fell in love with Africa! Rachael says, “ZEMA is such a great organization that has the goal of reaching 20 million people! I got to serve the missionaries and their children and it was such a blessing to hear all they are doing in Africa! One phrase I heard there sticks in my mind the most, ‘there are so many people begging to hear about Jesus here, but not enough people to share it.’ I want to help as much as I can with reaching the millions of amaZioni people.”