When Greg became Field Director in 2018, it seemed the right fit for a time. We had no idea!

Our children all living in the USA, with Greg as Field Director, ZEMA encouraged us to travel to the US to represent the field. We enjoyed the opportunity both to represent ZEMA in the USA and connect with our children regularly.

When ZEMA’s Home Director stepped down in 2019 and Greg agreed to carry some Home office responsibilities, it seemed the right fit for a time. We had no idea!

Quarantined with family in the USA during 2020, life and ministry carried on virtually, on both sides of the ocean. Together, everyone questioned what the future held. We had no idea!

Health concerns became prevalent for Carlene’s family in 2021. Carlene has spent the majority of this year living with her family in Wadsworth, IL. We have both travelled this year, Greg living primarily in SA and Carlene primarily in the USA. Navigating both family and ministry, we live open-handedly, trusting that the Lord goes before us each and every day, in each and every matter!

Beginning to pass the baton and keeping the many facets of ministry moving has been Greg’s focus. Though administration is not what he enjoys, Greg sees the big picture, what is necessary to keep everything, and everyone, working. And he shares that vision as God enables Him.

Over the last couple of years, we’re thankful that ZEMA has continued to grow despite the many things we didn’t know! Maintaining open communication between us, between ministry partners in SA and the USA, and between partner organisations, we trust God is our foundation and the one growing us and ZEMA’s work with the amaZioni.

Quite honestly, we feel inadequate for the roles in which we find ourselves. We’re certain that for each thing we think we know, in truth, we have no idea!

However, we know and trust that God is entirely capable beyond our limitations. And we hold onto the truth: in the midst of it all, He is in control, providing and giving direction as we put one foot in front of the other.

Taking one day at a time, we remain convinced that relationships are what God wants us to focus on. The relationships that He puts before us each day. Some tasks fall to the side, and some priorities suddenly become less important. But nothing ever falls outside of His ability to complete the work He has begun. And though we have no idea, It is God who knows full well what He is about to do!

~PROVERBS 16:9 The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps. 

Moving Forward

Zion Bible Schools have continued despite COVID and the many restrictions created by the pandemic. There are 80 schools with 79 teachers (60 of whom are national pastors). As best we can count, there are approximately 2600 students in these schools. South African ministry partners are taking on more and more responsibilities. This has been especially important for the schools where Greg had oversight since he’s taken on more administrative duties for ZEMA.

Thanks to generous donors, ZEMA has provided LightStream devices (portable WiFi) to all of our Bible school teachers. Similarly, we have and are currently making available to many Bible school students 600 MicroSD cards. Each of these allows those who carry them to share AV Bible resources such as Trumpet of Zion Radio programming, the Jesus Film, and other data-free Bible study materials!

A new ZEMA Field Director will be identified at ZEMA’s Missionary Conference this coming January, and the year 2022 will be one of transition. Together Greg and the next Field Director will changeover responsibilities with the aim of a new Field Director entirely in place beginning January 2023. In 2022, thanks to our virtual resources, we will start to function with more regularity together from the USA. From Illinois, we’ll begin to focus on what life will look like for us in North America, and the relationships and other ZEMA responsibilities that we can address from that side of the ocean.

Thank you for your ministry to us. We could not carry on without you. Because of your encouragement by supporting us physically, emotionally, financially, and through prayer: we know we are where God has placed us, for now. Though we don’t know what the next day could bring, we are confident that God will complete what He has begun!

Thank you for supporting us and the ministry to the amaZioni through ZEMA.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for us as we transition to a what life will look like in the days and years ahead. 
  • Pray for health and strength for our family: Carlene’s parents, and Corbin & Maddie expecting a baby in May. 
  • Pray for Missionary Conference 2022. We’re excited to be planning an in-person conference once again. Christ Community Church in Zion will be sponsoring the conference, and sending a team of 11 people. Pray this will be a time of spiritual enrichment, and planning. Pray for direction as the missionaries choose the next Field Director.  
  • Pray for us as we are seek to grow ZEMA’s network through relationships with other agencies and Bible schools. Pray for student interns and new ministry partners to join ZEMA. 
  • The look and feel of ministries are changing. Pray for wisdom as we encourage and support our national pastors and  fellow missionaries in the months and year ahead. 
  • Please continue to pray regarding the granting of visas for South Africa. Dan and Beth Hoffman are presently in the USA, and submitting paperwork to the SA Consulate in Washington DC. Our prayer is they will be able to return to Sunbury in January 2022. 
  • Praise God for the our faithful supporters, and ministry team.  We are thankful to be part of God’s family. 
  • Praise God for the ZEMA board and the leadership that make ZEMA’s ministries possible. 
  • Pray for Dennis and Caitlyn Boatman who plan to join the ministry team at Sunbury. Pray in regards to two hurdles to overcome: 1)that Dennis’ US citizenship papers would come through, 2)for them to be able to raise their full support.


Working with the amaZioni, we are together becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ, serving Him as He grows His kingdom in Southern Africa. 

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Carlene and Greg Seghers