TIDBITS #2 2022, from Greg and Carlene Seghers

?Here and There?
Together, we returned from SA to the USA on 26 April 2022 to begin settling once again in North America.

?Here and There?
Together, we returned from SA to the USA on 26 April 2022 to begin settling once again in North America.
?On 21 April, before leaving, Corbin phoned, allowing us to share some of their all-night birthing excitement! Three weeks early, we waited from morning to afternoon (SA time) to hear. Weighing in at 7 lb. 2 oz., our newest family member, Audrey Thea, and her mommy were doing well! Arriving in the US, we flew to Oregon to spend time with them and meet our beloved Audrey!
?Relocating our life and ministry responsibilities to the USA has been a long 2-year transition. This year Greg has focused on handing over Field Director responsibilities to the FD-elect, Paul Seelhammer. 
?Over the summer, we had the opportunity to travel some and interact to expand ZEMA’s network with organisations such as Dallas Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Seminary, and Moody Bible Institute. We’ve also shared in other churches where God has opened the way.

?On Labor Day weekend, we, along with Carlene’s mom and dad, moved into Beth El Roi, our new-to-us home in Pleasant Prairie, WI. In the last months and years, we’ve experienced our God who sees every circumstance, knows what we need when we need it and provides at just the right time (Genesis 16:13, 28:10-22).

On 20 September 2022, we returned to SA for 5 weeks. Greg had a Field Council meeting, and now we are helping out at Sunbury for a time to allow others to get away.
?Staffing at Sunbury continues to be a puzzle we cannot solve. As Field Director and a resident of Sunbury, this has weighed heavy on our hearts. At this time, the Field Council has decided to approach two ministries with a partnership proposal that could relieve the staffing issues.
?Dear friends and co-workers have become like family to us through the years. On Sunday, 9 October, they organised a surprise gathering as a farewell for us. Teachers, students and alums came together to celebrate the relationships we’ve shared. We are blessed by their love and generosity. Entering the tent with many hugs and seeing faces we had not seen in a long time brought many special memories.

Family News

Carlene is currently living with her sister and brother-in-law in Wadsworth, IL. This is the home where her parents have lived for many years. She will once again travel to South Africa on March 15th, and we will return to the USA together toward the end of April 2022. From that time we will be looking into setting up our home permanently in the USA. We will continue our ministry with ZEMA in the USA as home office directors. We are thankful for your continued support and that through our faithful partners in ministry we have been able to regularly travel as needed for our ministry. Basing in the USA, we will continue to travel as needed to further the work of ZEMA’s ministries in South Africa.


Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Greg and Paul Seelhammer as they  finalise the transition of FD responsibilities. Pray for wisdom as together they are making difficult decisions and keeping up with complicated staffing and ministry details.
  • PTL that in June Dennis Boatman received his US citizenship.
  • Pray for Dennis and Caitlyn as they continue to raise support to begin their life and ministry in SA,
  • Pray for Greg and Carlene as they follow up with the new churches, and contact with organisations such as Dallas
    Theological Seminary, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
  • Pray for us as we work out a new normal and what our family life and ministry routines will look like in the


Working with the amaZioni, we are together becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ, serving Him as He grows His kingdom in Southern Africa. 

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Carlene and Greg Seghers