Carrie was able to lead a Sunday School Teacher Training (SSTT) on March 26 near Botas’ Hill, KZN.  There were 18 first time students in attendance.  Carrie and three other teachers shared lessons on topics such as why Sunday School is important for children and how to prepare a Sunday school lesson. They gave out the Wordless Book and puppets and taught how to use them as evangelistic tools.

Carrie and Luann Kuehl taught at another SSTT on Saturday June 11 in Soweto. There were 28 students in attendance and only one had been to a SSTT previously. This was exciting because we usually have a few repeat students. This means that people have a desire to be teaching Biblical truth to the children in their churches. We also heard that more students had planned to come but were unable to make it. It seems that this ministry will continue to grow. Praise the Lord!

Children’s ministry has been very busy lately. Our family was involved in a Holiday Bible Club (VBS) which tool place at a school near our house. The church we attend and four other churches from the area planned and provided for this ministry to the community. The children learned about the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness. They memorized Ephesians 6:10-18 and learned about how to prepare for battle by putting on the armor of God. God is working in our community and we were privileged to be able to serve Him in this way.

We are planning to be in the USA for home assignment from October 19 to December 27, 2022.  We hope we will be able to see many of you during our short visit. 

Prayer Requests

Pray for Paul as he continues in his ZEMA Field Director training.

Pray for the ZEFA Executive as they plan for ministry and the conference in October.

Pray for growth in the Children of Zion ministry of ZEMA.

Pray for our family as we prepare for our time in the USA from October 18 to December 27.