July 22

‘OVERWHELMED’ Thank you for pausing to pray !

After our previous PAUSE a couple of responses came in and I thought….I will respond to each of them personally. The next day a whole lot more came in….then more, and more, and we felt OVEWHELMED by the reminders to us that so many people care and so many are praying. We never got around to the individual responses, but we want you to know we really felt God’s grace and peace as we knew people were praying, even for us.

We were also OVERHELMED by the love shown by the ZEBS teachers and students. At first the teachers said ‘let’s not tell the students all the detail, they will panic…..however people started asking questions and so over the last three weeks we have been explaining our situation…..and again, the outpouring of love and prayer was OVEWHELMING.

We are so glad that not one class has been missed, not one lesson missed and it is all being covered by the AmaZioni teachers themselves. They even said ‘take a holiday, make sure you rest and come back strong’! So I sat listening to them teach the lessons I normally teach and again….OVERWHELMED by their depth of knowledge, their love for God’s Word, and how in this context they are just so much better as teachers than I am !!

PLEASE PRAY for Pastors Tshuma, Masilela, Nyoni, and Muiambo as they continue to teach.

So much has happened since our last email. The cancer and anti-nausea tablets arrived and we started taking them as well as all sorts of supplements and boom….we started experiencing the nausea everyone spoke about. VERY DIFFICULT to eat anything because it all came up quicker than it went down, and so Geraldine started investigating…..try this, try that…..and by a series of exclusions, guess what she found….the anti-nausea tablets was causing the nausea, so we stopped that and NO MORE NAUSEA, and I was able to eat normally, Praise the Lord ! The only real side effect now are periodic bouts of fatigue.

We recognise it is still early days and only the next CT scan will show what’s going on with the cancer but we are at peace, knowing that our lives are in His hands.

We are also at peace knowing that the ZEBS classes are in His hands particularly through parts of August when all our children and grandchildren will be coming to spend time with us.

Every Blessing

Richard and Geraldine