Photo credit: Andre Frieslaar Dam on top of Table Mountain, taken during a group run March 2021

Quick note from Barb…Because of my failing vision, we are only going to be doing a newsletter, in this format, 2x a year. The process of reading has become very taxing on my eyes. BUT, if you’re open to downloading WhatsApp on your phone, I am posting pics and short voice notes, there, on a regular basis (my contact number is at the end of letter). Hope to ‘see’ you there. The other wonderful thing about having this app, is that we can voice note privately, call and even video call for free, with Wifi Go on, get it… I dare you…..:)

Now back to Cape Town…


We are thankful to the Lord, that our family and extended family, has been COVIDfree to this point. This year has seen J start his 2nd year of concept art, at Academy of the Digital Arts (on a 50% scholarship, which we PTL for ). He has been able to go to college face2face, as it is a small college. He has also started playing badminton weekly again, though league matches have not yet started up, due to COVID. The end of this year will see him looking for
employment and he hopes to get his drivers license sorted by June.
K is working on getting all her ‘papers’ in a row, in preparation for her application to study nursing next year. She, otherwise, keeps very busy coaching rhythmic gymnastics and teaching Pilates. She was excited to be in an advert, as one of 3 principles faces, for a Danish fashion house, earlier this year. She said it was a really positive

Mark has been negotiating his cronky knees, trying to adjust his running to put off surgery for as long as possible. He is otherwise healthy, has finished paving our driveway

and is now working on waterproofing the roof, gutters etc, so we can start painting the house. He is looking forward to a 10 day trip to Sunbury (KwaZulu­‐Natal) in May, to assist with maintenance, attend a ZEBS teachers seminar and introduce a SIM couple, who are offering their services for 6 months.

Barb had a clear CTscans this past Jan. She continues her exercise classes 2x a week, gardening and relationships, while always being available to the family, as her priority. She was sad to see her 2 guinea pigs die this past month, of some mysterious and yucky illness.

Christ Church Sybrand Park is, once again, meeting face2face (this happens to be our motto, as it turns out), with COVID restrictions of course. Since services opened, we are excited to see a number of new faces on Sundays, tho a number of the ‘old’ ones have to be careful about meeting in groups.
Mark has started teaching a monthly preaching class, for interested church leaders (around 5). Doc Newby, who assisted with preaching 2x a month, has decided to retire from preaching (at 86), due to health and mobility issues. So, there is a need to be intentional about training up lay preachers. This is, of course, a joy for Mark. He also runs the weekly face2face bible study, where we’re studying Daniel. He also keeps very busy with church related ‘details’.
Barb has started a whatsapp bible study ­‐ presently busy working through the Bible Project’s Biblical Themes videos. She also, with the help of Sue Fox, started a 2nd GriefShare group, this time in Khayelitsha. She is also now coordinating Prayer for CCSP. With the help of 3 other prayer warriors, we pray for 30 folks a week. She continues to share ‘a cuppa tea’ with whoever needs a safe place to talk or share life.

Others leaders…
Wayne (sound) has trained 2 young men (Daniel and Josh) to assist in the sound booth. Marlene, and her helpers, teach Sunday school, using the YouversionKids app.
The Mercy Team (Vicci, Clayton, Richard, Barb) continues to seek opportunities to respond to needs, in the most appropriate way. In Dec the church family gave toward a huge food parcel, sent to the family of regular attenders, Bob and Precious, in Zimbabwe.
Paul’s confirmation class has dwindled, due to lockdown etc, But, 2 young men remain faithfully in church on Sundays.
Macky and Shawnesey continue to lead worship.

ZEBS (Zion Evangelical Bible Schools) CCSP assisted all 3 of the ZEBS teachers, financially, through lockdown, which was a joy for us. Tho a small gift each month, Pst Mpande said that it was helpful keeping in touch with the ZEBS students on whatsapp. ZEBS classes have reopened, in the Western Cape, with social distancing etc. The school in Khayelitsha is going strong, but, the one near Saldanha Bay is struggling. With numbers down to 4, it is not financially viable to drive the distance each month. Pst Mpande and his team (Dumeseni, Seqwaqwa + Mark), are looking into using social media platforms to maintain the teaching for those still interested, with the possibility of a face2face session each quarter.

That’s about it for now!. Praying that YOU are maintaining quiet times of listening to His gentle voice, as life gets busier again.

In Him and for His glory

Mark and Barb J & K

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