New Opportunities for Ministry during Lockdown

· The Trumpet of Zion radio program is receiving extra attention every week!

· Kit Tischler was asked to speak during a Zion University Sunday “Service” via Zoom. He taught on John 6, Jesus being the Bread of Life. This online Zoom meeting opportunity allowed Kit to meet new people he would not typically encounter…proclaiming the Truth to a new audience! 

· A Zion student leader wanted help understanding the book of Galatians and asked Kit Tischler to study with him. They have completed the first 4 chapters thus far!

· Zion Bible College is ONLINE! When Zion Bible College Online was set up Brett Miller believed ZBC would only have 2 or 3 students since internet is so expensive and not easily affordable for our existing students. The online classes have tapped a whole new group of younger, wealthier urban students. It is a crowd that is often disenchanted with church but interested in online learning. Thirty-five people have joined the virtual ZBC classes so far!

· Praise God for the new opportunities lockdown has provided to spread the Truth!

On March 26, just before the South Africa lockdown started …
a Pastor in the Vhembe District requested Paul Seelhammer bring 120 TshiVenda Bibles to the Easter meetings. Even though all the Easter meetings were cancelled, due to lockdown, the people still wanted their Bibles.
On May 4 Paul ordered 120 Bibles from the Southern Africa Bible Society office in Cape Town for delivery via courier. The bibles were delivered at the end of May!
We are praying that the hundreds of men, women, and children who have received Bibles now, or in the past, are experiencing the presence of Our Lord during the lockdown.

Pray for South Africans… for health, strength, and God’s provision. Pray for our missionaries…that God will give them wisdom as they wrestle with the new normal that will emerge.
Pray for wisdom to minister in these changing times.

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