Louise had to be at Sunbury for Field Council on the Thursday before the ZEBS Teachers weekend at the end of May, so she stayed over for the weekend. She was able to help in the kitchen, as well as be part of some of the program. It was so encouraging to hear how the different teachers have found creative ways to connect with their ZEBS students over the past year, despite all the challenges. One of the main things that stood out for Louise, was the passion and commitment of our ZEBS Teachers, as together we strive to share God’s truth with the AmaZioni He has entrusted to each of us. What a fun weekend this turned out to be.

It was so evident again that this is God’s work that we have the privilege of being part of what He is doing.


It has been a good year as far as ZEBS in Gqebhega (Port Elizabeth) is concerned, although we are finding that numbers are down in our new venue. One thing that Barry continues to say each time he arrives home from being at ZEBS, is that there is no way that any of the students can say they have not heard the gospel, as each time they meet God’s plan through Jesus is taught in different ways.

Please pray with us for a new venue in a good location so that all our students can return to class. At present some of the students catch 3 different taxis to get to class.


It is so hard to believe that the Steiner family have almost been here for two years already. They are at a point of praying about what their ministry will look like. Please pray that they will have wisdom, excitement and loads of motivation during these difficult times as they strive to move forward in the direction God wants them to go.


Nathan has started mid-year exams and while he has done well in his tests thus far, he does stress about exams. Please pray for him as he writes exams over the next few weeks. He asked Louise the other day if he can start shaving, as his hair on his top lip is starting to turn dark brown. Her answer to him was that he can start shaving as soon as his hair is bushier than Barry’s.

Peta-Jade has had a busy time. It worked out that her time with Diamond Recovery in Parys came to an end and we were able to get her into a program in Tara specifically for Borderline Patients. They do an intensive Dialectic Behavioral Therapy course with them. It is an exceedingly difficult course to get into with a waiting list of up to a year. We asked the Lord for a miracle, and she was able to get into the program within a month. We truly serve a miracle working God who knows the way forward and knows what is best for us.

Her time at Tara ends next week and we would appreciate your prayers for her as she looks to the future. She has come so far and is doing well, and we continue to trust the Lord for great things for her.

Trust and obey seems to be what the Lord is asking us to do as far as the future is concerned and we praise God that we do not have to navigate it alone.

Loads of love Barry, Louise, Peta-Jade and Nathan​

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