Barry had an interesting discussion with a lady on the beach the other day. She came up to him with a shell in her hand. The lady asked if the shell was a good one or not. Barry knew what was behind the question, so he replied that “there is only one who is good and that is God”. The lady responded saying that she loved God. Barry had the opportunity to share with her that the shell has no power, it is just a shell that had washed up on the beach. She turned away and walked about knee deep into the water and tossed the shell and a few coins into the sea. She then began to pray and talk to the ancestors that “reside” in the waves. Once she finished talking, she collected a bottle with sea water and put a hand full of sand in the bottle to take home for another part of her ritual. That is the reality of many that live on our continent, culture is so strong, and the enemy keeps them in bondage. 

Lou’s birthday breakfast

Soup kitchen ladies tending to the veggie garden

Nathan in his chef’s outfit for school assignment

Peta-Jade’s room


Those “clay jars” are:
• Educate the Nate. ( Specialised program)
• Repairer of walls. ( PJ )
• Shine our light. ( Alternative energy)
• Lou’s taxi. (Personal vehicle going to Jesus)
• Feed Kamva for Jesus. ( Soup Kitchen)

If you want to give towards filling these jars please donate to us and let us know which jar your support goes into.


The year got off to a good start as far as the number of students at ZEBS is concerned. We have already had some good conversations as we explore the Word together. Pray with us that folk will continue to attend class. It is a real stress for Franky, Barry’s co teacher, when people are late and or inconsistent in their attendance.

The soup kitchen is in full swing. The church in Kamvelihle is continuing to run sewing and beadwork classes. The aim of the sewing and beadwork is to pass on skills so that folk can start their own business. We have an unemployment rate of around 40%. Most of the unemployed are young folk.

Louise has been spending a few hours every Friday teaching flower arranging. The lady has a little business where she decorates venues for functions. The plan with the flowers is to help her acquire another income stream. As they work with flowers, so they get to share life and God’s Word together. Pray for wisdom for Louise as well as safety as she travels out to the township on her own.

Tata B and Barry continue to meet on a weekly basis. His wife is really struggling with her health. He was telling Barry the other day that one of his wife’s friends came to visit. The visitor told him that he needs to get his wife to a witchdoctor as she really is not well. Tata B responded saying “we do not do that anymore I now follow Jesus”. His desire is to see his wife healed. He wants her to be able to testify to the goodness of God. He really is remarkable in the way he trusts God on a day-to-day basis. He continues to try to sell Bibles and other Christian books. It however is a real struggle. He sits out in the baking hot sun, with his books on a piece of material so people passing by on the way to the shop can purchase stuff. It is very slow going sometimes he makes no sales for days.


When Barry first consulted with the orthopedic surgeon about his worn-out knees the Dr did tell him that he would probably have pain for the rest of his life even after the knee replacement. Barry still has slightly swollen knees, and he does experience discomfort. The discomfort now is not in the bones but more in the ligaments and muscles around the knees. Please continue to pray for his recovery.

Nathan continues to grow; he is now taller and stronger than Barry. Please continue to pray with us for him to find a good friend. He struggles with the fact that he is” different” and that people do not understand his struggles.
Living by faith is something that every child of God does and the more we walk with Jesus the more He challenges and stretches our faith. One of those stretching things for us this year has been organizing for Peta-Jade to live in a student accommodation closer to Varsity. She is 15 mins away from home and can enjoy her own space, while navigating the challenges or sharing space with 8 other young ladies.
She has been in a lot of pain especially in her lower back and so we have been to different doctors and had many tests done with no resolution yet. Please continue to pray for her.
Louise is still struggling with pain in the feet. She has been to the podiatrist twice, the innersoles that were made for her have not helped. The question is now what, where to next. She has put her situation on the back burner for now as we try to find some sort of relief for Peta-Jade and her pain.
We do appreciate you all and need your prayers as you can read.

Barry, Louise, Peta-Jade, and Nathan.

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