And so, a new year has begun. Last year blurred into this year. It comes with change that is difficult even though it is needed. I used to be a lot more flexible than I am now as I find change so much more daunting than when I was younger.
There are a few changes that are good, and we are looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in mind for us.


We have been praying for more manpower at our ZEMA Campsite in KZN. We have come to the point where we need to step up for the time of need as there are not enough staff to run the campsite. This means that Barry will be gone from home from the 16th of Feb until end of March and then he plans to visit supporters and churches in Gauteng on the way home, in around a bout way. So, he will only be home around Easter time.

Barry's Current View of Sunbury


Our Bible School in Motherwell has started off slowly and surely.
The man that Barry meets with every Thursday to do Bible study with has had a tough finish to last year and start to this year as his wife is ill. They have been to and from hospital as she has had a stroke, she has lost use of left arm and leg. She has sugar diabetes together with high blood pressure and an ulcer. It has been quite amazing to see how the Lord has provided as we walk alongside them. Our neighbor is a nurse and was able to get a free sugar testing machine for her so that they can see what her sugar is doing. They also needed help with diet for diabetics and high cholesterol. They have three adult daughters and two grandchildren all living of SASSA grant, so the correct diet for granny is a challenge. Please continue to pray for Tata B and his wife that she would heal well and that they once again will be able to testify to the goodness of God during the storm.
When Louise and Tata B spoke at Graduation last year, they spoke of exactly that topic without knowing what the next few weeks would have in store for them as a family.

ZEBS Venue Motherwell


Nathan is really battling to settle into school this year and has had an extremely uncomfortable rash that is painful and does not want to clear even though we have had him to the doctor twice. Please pray for healing for him as well as new friends and an extracurricular that will be a huge encouragement for him.

Peta-Jade is all set to start her BA Degree this year which has been quite a nail-biting thing with the registration being messed up by the IT Dept of the university. It was an unnecessary cliff hanger, and we are happy to be able to say she is in. Please continue to pray for her.


Barry is so much better as far as his knee is concerned and is still battling with stiffness, which the surgeon says can take a year to get better. So, slowly, and surely, he is getting better. Please keep praying for him as he does have to have the other knee done at the end of this year.
Yesterday Barry was at the pharmacy to fetch more medication for Nathan. The pharmacist asked if it was medical aid or cash. He replied see if there are funds in medical aid savings account as it might already be depleted. She said it cannot be it is the beginning of the year and so they got chatting as to why and what meds are for. She was excited to meet someone else that understood a little about BPD, as her future sister-in-law also has BPD. She asked how we do life, and he was able to tell her that it was because we have people that pray for us. We cannot do life in our own strength. She asked for a number so that her in-laws can contact us. So, God continues to use this journey to encourage others that are walking a similar road.

Barry well enough to help with DIY


This is the year we focus on support raising and so as we do that, we would really appreciate your prayers for us.


Lots of love

Barry, Louise, Peta-Jade, and Nathan.
PS. All the bold writing are prayer points, thanks for holding us up in prayer.

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