At the Activ8 missions Conference I was once again impacted by the energy and passion of one of the other missionaries there, his name is Bob, and he was an old man. The way he shared about what God was doing and the opportunities God was giving them was with a passion and energy I have not seen in many young men who God is calling. His energy and excitement really made an impact on me and those who were attending. This year did not however start well for him and his family and he was hospitalized and has gone to be with Jesus just recently. It made me think again of that verse in the Psalms which says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of understanding”. Living life intentionally and making the most of every opportunity.


We are so grateful that the ZEBS was able to start again this year and run well with all the restrictions in place. It has been decided on having a “low-Key” graduation as there will be 50 people there without any guests. I must admit that even though we are having to adjust and do things differently everybody seems to be flexible enough to do that. So, Lord willing graduation will be on 13th March.
We do from time to time go into the township to help folk that are struggling with food parcels, as we visit the folk and drive through the township it is obvious that people are really struggling, so it is a joy for us to be able to help in this way.

Family News

Barry’s shoulder is a whole lot better and the good news is that we have two drivers in the house again. He saw the physio on the 18th of Feb, and she has sent him home with a whole lot of strengthening exercises.

Nathan has gone back to school again after 3 months of holiday. He has been fine going to school but seems to be struggling to get on with his Afrikaans teacher which is a difficult language for him as it is, so that has already proved to be a point of prayer already. He is in Grade 7 this year and has two extra subjects already. He is not looking forward to doing drama this year though.

Peta-Jade was able to come home for two weeks for a surprise visit at the end of January. It was so good having her home and experience how well she is doing. She has been going through a rough time over the past two weeks and so they have put her back on program again. Please continue to pray for her as she continues this journey.
In the middle of all the changes and adjustments where we would all just love some kind of “normal” even if it is a new normal, may you find comfort and rest in Jesus as you turn to Him to lead and provide for the year ahead. We are so glad that you are on this journey with us.

Loads of love Barry, Louise, Peta-Jade and Nathan.

Giving in South Africa:

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