John and Janice Lewin


Lewin, John and Janice

The Lewin’s believe that God has been preparing them for ministry at Sunbury Christian Camp! Originally from Cape Town, John and Janice Lewin joined the team running Sunbury in 2021.

Retrenchment in 2018, John previously worked offshore for SPT South Africa. Janice began working for Serving In Mission (SIM) in 2015 and never considered her employers would one day seconder her and John to ministry with ZEMA. But that’s precisely what happened! John is blessed by the opportunity to use the skills he’s gained to provide for ZEMA’s ministry at the camping centre.

Together, they share a history in community development through sport. With John as development officer, he coordinated community dialogues between contractors, religious institutions, local businesses, ward counselors, and government officials. Janice kept track of administrative detail, planning, and cooking for these events.
At Sunbury, in addition to keeping track of the finances, Janice is responsible for the housekeeping staff. She sees that they have supplies, are fully operational, and that Sunbury is prepared to host guests that arrive at the end of the week. Having worked offshore, John is keenly aware of keeping a team on task while being considerate of others and the challenge of living in a community. His role is to oversee the maintenance, keep Sunbury operational and in good condition. “Not only for those who visit, but also for those who are called and appointed by GOD, to further HIS will and ZEMA’s vision for SUNBURY: to reach, teach, and divinely connect His people, AMEN.”

The Lewin’s have two adult children and four grandchildren.