Stephen and Jessica Langley


Stephen and Jessica were childhood sweethearts in Zion, Illinois. They both went to Bible college in Spokane, Washington, and got married in 2013. From the time they were children, God gave them a deep desire to see His Kingdom spread to the ends of the earth. As they grew older they became especially passionate about the youth in Zionist churches.

They moved to South Africa in 2017, and now they live in Pietermaritzburg. This first ministry phase involves studying Zulu with the goal of fluency, and building relationships with local Zionists. Long-term, their ministry vision is to disciple Zionists to disciple Zionist youth.

Their desire is to see the next generation of Zionists zealous for the truth of God’s Word and the spread of the Gospel through all of Africa. Through transforming young people, we hope to one day see a transformed continent.